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  • Better heart health benefits everyone

    The heart became a symbol of St. Valentine’s Day, traditionally celebrated every Feb. 14, centuries ago in many countries. Fifty-one years ago, the United States took the symbol a step further by observing all of February as American Heart Month in an effort to promote better health.

  • Grand jury

     The Brunswick County Superior Court under the direction of Judge Ola M. Lewis with prosecutor Jon David and courtroom clerk Amanda Kidd adjudicated the following cases Jan. 20 during a grand jury session:

    Scott Kenneth Aubry, contributing to delinquency of juvenile, second-degree rape, sell/deliver schedule I controlled substance.

    Daniel Christopher Barnes, larceny from construction site.

    Brittany Ann Bentley, heroin possession, possession of drug paraphernalia.

  • District court docket

     The following cases were adjudicated over two days of District Criminal Court on Jan. 21 and 23 in Bolivia.

    Codes: PG, pleaded guilty; PNG/NG, pleaded not guilty, found not guilty; PNG/G, pleaded not guilty, found guilty; BCDF, Brunswick County Detention Facility; NCDOC, North Carolina Department of Correction.


    Wednesday, Jan. 21

    Judge Jerry A. Jolly presided over the following cases with prosecutor Courtney Sanford and courtroom clerk Kimberly Register:

    Hailee Marie Adams, PG improper equipment.

  • Be careful with sprouts

     Cheryle Jones Syracuse

    Sprouts. What is your impression of this food? They could be alfalfa sprouts on a sandwich, mung bean sprouts in a stir-fry or radish sprouts on a salad. Healthful, right? Maybe not.

    While they do contain protein and vitamins, they may also contain something we don’t want. They may also have pathogens that cause foodborne illnesses (most people call this food poisoning).

  • A woman named Sue

     By Fran Salone-Pelletier



    The year 2014 heading into 2015 has been a Dickensian kind of time. It will go down in my history as the best of years and the worst of years. Television pundits have noted it as the hottest summer in recorded history. Winter brought a flu epidemic with vaccines able only to keep its menace somewhat at bay. Strained faces at local funeral services evidenced the reality of multiple deaths within a short time.

  • Dinner for two? Scale your meal planning down to size


    For those of you who are just cooking for one or two, don’t just settle for a sandwich (peanut butter and jelly?) or a bowl of cereal every night. Try out some recipes and experiment with what works best for you.

    I’ve been cooking for my wife and I for a while now, and I really don’t feel comfortable cooking for more than two to four people. My wife was used to cooking for the masses when our kids were growing up. With a little planning and some quick cooking, you can create healthy meals for you and your dining partner.

  • Deppners celebrate 50th anniversary

     Hannah Frink Deppner and Mike Deppner of Calabash are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. They were married Feb. 20, 1965.

  • Undrena Gause re-enlists in Air National Guard

     Air Force Capt. Corey A. Gause of North Myrtle Beach, S.C., had the honor of re-enlisting his wife, Staff Sgt. Undrena Gause of Ocala, Fla., into the West Virginia Air National Guard. After 10 years of Air Force active duty and three years in the Air Force Reserve, Staff Sgt. Gause took 10 years from service to raise their two children, Corey A. Gause Jr. and Kaitlyn K. Gause.


  • Roland graduates from basic combat training
  • Gators host of swim meet

     The Brunswick Aquatic Club (BAC) was host to a meet Jan. 30 to Feb. 1 at the Dinah E. Gore Fitness & Aquatics Center. One hundred seventy-five swimmers from the Waves of Wilmington (WOW), BAC, Cape Fear Aquatic Club (CFAC) and STAR Aquatics used this meet, sanctioned by USA Swimming, as a late opportunity to qualify for the state and regional championships that will take place in March at the Greensboro Aquatic Center.