Today's News

  • Beacon Health Expo a success

    The third annual Brunswick Beacon Health Expo this past weekend at West Brunswick High School, was a success, Christy Williamson, event coordinator, said.

    A steady stream of people all day long attended health lectures, visited vendors and got the chance to have their health questions answered by local professionals.

  • Holden Beach terminates inspector’s employment

    Holden Beach Town Manager David Hewett has fired planning and inspections director Jason Walker.

    Walker had been in the position since Nov. 20, 2002. Hewett terminated his employment Feb. 23, according to information from Hewett’s office.

    Walker was earning $74,366.24 a year in the position.

    Hewett did not respond to messages seeking comment on the matter, and Walker said he didn’t want to make any public comments at this time.

  • Dredge work continues for Holden Beach canals

    Dredgers have three canals left to do in Holden Beach Harbor, their second dredge is now at the entrance to Heritage Harbor ready to begin work, and the entrance to Harbor Acres from the Intracoastal Waterway was finished last week.

    That’s the status of the dredging projects in the three sets of canals on Holden Beach.

  • Lightning damages three Holden Beach homes

    HOLDEN BEACH—Two beach homes were no match for lightning Sunday morning, when a lightning strike severely damaged one home and set a second home on fire.

    A third home received minor damage from the lightning strike, town manager David Hewett said.

    Tri-Beach Fire Chief Doug Todd said firefighters received a call at 10:38 a.m. Sunday.

    Firefighters from Tri-Beach, Shallotte, Civietown and Supply fire departments responded to the house fire at 995 Ocean Blvd. W.

  • Living in a world driven by annoying little beeps

    In a world of cell phones, pagers, BlackBerrys and late night television programs like “Chelsea Lately,” we are all used to hearing a few beeps. My phone beeps several times a day signaling a missed call or voicemail. I can usually tune it out until about the 20th beep—then some form of action is required.

    But it’s not just my phone that’s beeping. Lately I feel like I’m trapped in a noisy video game with no escape. I’ve noticed more appliances and household items are coming equipped with a “beep.”

  • Poverty symposium set for Saturday

    Want to make your voice heard on poverty and how the needs of the poor can be met in Brunswick County? Now’s your chance.

    Sacred Heart and St. Brendan the Navigator Catholic churches are hosting the first Symposium on Poverty in Brunswick County from 10 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Saturday, March 7, at Sacred Heart Church in Southport.

    Speakers from UNC Wilmington, local nonprofit organizations, churches and government will talk about the extent of poverty in Brunswick County as well as programs and services to help those in poverty.

  • Holden Beach gets $1.6 in FEMA funds for beach restoration

    Holden Beach will receive $1.6 million in FEMA grant funds to restore sand and dune vegetation lost during Tropical Storm Hanna last September.

  • Brunswick native wins big with Publishers Clearing House

    On Tuesday, less than a week after becoming one of Publishers Clearing House’s (PCH) largest SuperPrize winners ever, Brunswick County native Doris Gray was doing what she typically does—coaching math teachers at a public school in New Jersey.

    Speaking by phone after school Tuesday afternoon, Gray, an educator for 38 years, said winning the contest still hasn’t sunk in.

  • Developer disputes HUD notice in Beacon

    CALABASH—Developer Jim Myers was surprised when he saw a notice in last week’s Beacon stating his future Calabash Town Center was to receive funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    The legal notice, which ran in last week’s Beacon, was posted by HUD’s Multifamily Hub in Greensboro as a “Notice of intent to locate Calabash Town Center Apartments in Calabash in wetlands.”

  • Inmate weds before being transferred to Department of Corrections

    BOLIVIA—Luis Miguel Gamboa-Gomez and his new bride Lisa Dismukes accepted their vows of marriage like any other couple during their wedding.

    But, unlike most nuptials, there was no kiss to conclude the ceremony, which Chief Magistrate Martha Bryant officiated just after 5 p.m. Tuesday at the county’s register of deeds office.

    The newlyweds were unable to touch at all during the brief wedding ceremony.