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  • Neighboring districts team up to hold Veteran’s Amnesty Day

     WILMINGTON — For the first time in North Carolina history, court officials will hold a Veteran’s Amnesty Day afternoon session in New Hanover County where veterans, military members and their spouses can get a fresh start in the court system.

    Thanks to a collaborative effort between the Fifth and 13th judicial and prosecutorial districts in southeastern North Carolina, they will have a day when they can address all of their legal issues under one roof.

  • District court docket



    The following cases were adjudicated over four days of District Criminal Court on April 20, 21, 22 and 23 in Bolivia.

    Codes: PG, pleaded guilty; PNG/NG, pleaded not guilty, found not guilty; PNG/G, pleaded not guilty, found guilty; BCDF, Brunswick County Detention Facility; NCDOC, North Carolina Department of Correction.


    Monday, April 20

    Judge Jerry A. Jolly presided over the following cases with prosecutor Courtney Sanford and courtroom clerk Kristin Cranfill:

  • District 17 House update

    Last week in the General Assembly, we passed a record number of bills because of the crossover deadline; we had several controversial bills, including Sunday hunting and school boards suing counties; and we had two marathon sessions, one lasting until after 2 a.m.

  • District 8 Senate update

    By Sen. Bill Rabon

    Guest Columnist

    Editor’s note: The Beacon has tried for two months to reach Sen. Bill Rabon by phone and email for comment about Senate Bill 215, which lists him as the bill’s primary sponsor and calls for the state “to abolish the office of coroner in Brunswick County.” Senate Bill 215 was reported favorable to the Senate’s standing committee on health care and re-referred to the Senate Judiciary I Committee on March 31.

  • If we save it, they will come

    By Camilla M. Herlevich and Dan Ryan

    Guest Columnists


    It’s not surprising that the most innovative tech company in the world, Apple, is shaking up the conservation community with its bold decision to invest in 36,000 acres of American forests. Apple’s news release cites a commitment to ensure a steady supply of sustainably harvested timber for its paper and packaging needs.

  • Mother’s Day memories from a lucky son

    By Mike O’Hare

    Guest Columnist


    Anna Jarvis, from Grafton, W.Va., had the great idea for Mother’s Day and President Woodrow Wilson established it as a national holiday in 1914. Thanks Anna, because Mother’s Day has given me some great memories.

    The day before Mother’s Day, Dad would buy a corsage for Mom to wear to church on Sunday. We’d try to hide it in the refrigerator behind something; I’m pretty sure she saw it most years but acted surprised anyhow on Sunday morning.

  • Discrimination adds no value to community

    When Shallotte native Robert Stanley founded the Beacon in 1962, he dedicated the newspaper to “the continued progress of Brunswick County.” When he died last year, friends and family said he took great pride in publicly standing on the “right side of history during civil rights struggles in the turbulent ‘60s.”

    More than 50 years later, the Beacon maintains the stand Stanley took: That the Ku Klux Klan contributes nothing to the improvement of our community.

  • Making our county a community

    Last week, I had the privilege to represent the Beacon at the General Federation of Women’s Clubs-South Brunswick Islands’ “A Night of Benevolence — Caring for Our Community” at Shallotte Presbyterian Church.

    I have to admit I hadn’t planned on attending — it took place April 27, the night before our production day when deadlines for the week’s next edition bear down on us — but the group’s president, Cindy Hewett was insistent. I’m glad I went.

  • Leadership: Allen credits many for his baseball success

     Talk to Hunter Allen about baseball for a few minutes, and it becomes apparent why he is a co-captain of the East Carolina University baseball team.

    Whatever success he has had, he mentions those responsible. Whether is it is a state-championship winning high school baseball coach or an anonymous college athletic trainer, Allen will tell you how that person has helped him.

    And he does so as effortlessly as he swings his bat at a 90-mph fastball or as easily as he times his swing toward an off-speed curveball.

  • Quick soups and chili –– not from a can!


    Soups are always a good choice, either as a meal starter or as a complete meal in itself. In most cases, they are good choices nutritionally because of the variety of foods.

    Usually, soups contain lots of vegetables and small amounts of fat. A little meat can go a long way in even the heartiest soup. Adding beans and brown rice provides fiber, as well as flavor.