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  • Sunset Beach man devises new way to pick up old trash

    SUNSET BEACH — Tom Vincenz is being lauded as Sunset Beach’s newest inventor.

    But the retired resident is downplaying that notion after coming up with a better way to reach trash discarded at the beach.

    In January, fellow island resident Gordon Bokelman paid homage to Vincenz’s innovative “trash-picker-upper,” consisting of a metal paint roller frame attached to an extended paint pole.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    Last week in the North Carolina House of Representatives, we filed many more bills, now up to about 200; we passed a key education bill; we had more visitors from back home and across the state; and I chaired two different transportation committees.

  • You decide: Is farming a high-tech industry?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    My paternal grandfather was a farmer in Ohio. He raised a variety of crops, but his “bread and butter” was hogs.

    In southwestern Ohio, hogs were big business a century ago. In fact, at one time, Cincinnati (where I was born) was known as “Porkopolis.” Farmers like my grandfather drove their hogs from outlying farms to the packing houses in the city.

  • Brunswick Soil & Water Conservation District director Caison receives national award
  • Don’t be like Chuck, Mike

    I think Michael Jordan is becoming Chuck Taylor.

    My thoughts on this topic stem directly from too much time wasted watching NBA All Star on Saturday night, when all the big names of basketball’s past, present and future are all in one place, typically.

    But I realized at some point after the 3-point contest and in the middle of an underwhelming slam dunk contest that the guy who was so competitive he took part in both challenges over his career, only winning the slam dunk trophy, wasn’t around for either of them during All Star Weekend.

  • Events give ‘expo’nential exposure to local businesses, services

    Let me start my column this week by thanking everyone who participated in the Beacon’s 11th annual Health Expo this past Saturday at Shallotte Middle School. Even though I’ve been here almost four years (Can you believe it? Time really does fly when you’re having fun.), this was the first time I had the chance to spend almost all day at this event.

  • Support Matthew 25 Center endeavor

    The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics reported last December an estimated 2,173,800 people were either under the jurisdiction of state or federal prisons or in the custody of local jails at year-end 2015 in the United States.

    North Carolina’s state prison population as of Feb. 24 was 36,700 people; for the Brunswick County Detention facility that day, 290 people were incarcerated. Most of these people are likely to be released at some point, whether on bail or after serving their time.

  • District court docket for Feb. 13, 14, 15 and 17.

     The following cases were adjudicated over four days of District Criminal Court on Feb. 13, 14, 15 and 17 in Bolivia.

    Codes: PG, pleaded guilty; PNG/NG, pleaded not guilty, found not guilty; PNG/G, pleaded not guilty, found guilty; BCDF, Brunswick County Detention Facility; NCDOC, North Carolina Department of Correction.


    Monday, Feb. 13

    Judge Pauline Hankins presided over the following cases with prosecutor Shirley Smircic and courtroom clerk Courtney Graham:

  • West boys’ lacrosse team wins for first time

    LITTLE RIVER, S.C. — West Brunswick outscored North Myrtle Beach 5-1 in the second half and won its season-opening lacrosse game 8-4 Feb. 27 in Little River, S.C.

    The victory was the first for the boys’ lacrosse team in the three-year history of the program.

    Six players scored for West: junior Christopher Abbott and freshman Bailey Gentle each had two goals. Freshman William McRainey, sophomore Braxton Powell and seniors Bryson Hill and Brandon Wehrly also scored.

  • Eat what’s in the freezer

     For the past couple of years I’ve been following a blog on home organization by Taylor Flannery. The concept is to do something little every day and by the end of the year your house will be “decluttered.” While I don’t always do the daily or weekly organizational challenges, I do get some good ideas. The real challenge is to get busy and do something.