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  • Brining your turkey will result in a moister, more flavorful bird

     That beautiful, bronzed, succulent roast turkey! For most of us, the Thanksgiving dinner usually revolves around the big bird. This is probably one of the easiest parts of the meal. Preparing all the other dishes that complement the bird and making sure they’re all done at the same time is the real challenge.

    Most of us buy a frozen turkey and thaw it ahead of time. It takes at least 24 hours in the refrigerator for every 5 pounds of turkey, so a 20-pound bird will take four to five days to thaw.


  • Scorpions’ White signs with UNC Pembroke

    By Michael Paul

    Sports Editor

    LELAND — North Brunswick senior Summer White has signed a letter of intent to attend UNC Pembroke and play softball.

    White was an infielder/outfielder last season for the Scorpions, who finished 9-1 in the East Central Conference, 18-6 overall. In 15 games, White batted .227 (with an OBP of .346). She stole six bases and scored 17 runs. Her fielding average was .944.

  • Fire department offers safety tips for Thanksgiving cooking

    he Calabash Fire Department is reminding all residents to be safe this Thanksgiving.

  • Rouzer to host ‘Coffee with Your Congressman’ Nov. 20

    Congressman David Rouzer will host“Coffee with Your Congressman” in Calabash this Friday, Nov. 20, at 9:30 a.m. at Dockside Seafood House Restaurant, 9955 Nance St. There is no cost to attend.
    “Coffee with Your Congressman” serves as a venue for constituents to meet with Rouzer, share their opinions and concerns while also serving to update southeastern North Carolinians on his work in Washington.

  • High School Fishing Association has second tourney
  • Friendships go through seasons, too

     By Linda Arnold


    “Seasons change, and so did I. You need not wonder why.” Those lyrics from an old song by The Guess Who speak volumes. You may think the current change of season has to do with falling leaves, football and cooler temperatures, although there’s much more.

    Cycles and rhythms — they’re all part of nature, as well as our lives. 


    Reason, season or lifetime

  • Vegetarian Thanksgiving

     What does a vegetarian eat on Thanksgiving? As this big eating holiday approaches, we are inundated with recipes for how to thaw, dress and season a turkey, the main dish and delicious centerpiece for our holiday tables. But what if you have a vegetarian coming to dinner?

  • Homelessness is everybody's problem
  • What is this mystery plant?

    By John Nelson

    Every now and then, the mystery plant column features something that isn’t exactly a plant — like this time. I think it’s pretty easy to recognize this thing is some sort of a fungus. That’s right. Fungi are enormously important organisms on our little planet, and everyone has had experiences with them, both good and bad (probably).

  • Ornamental grasses in the home landscape

     By Sam Marshall, Horticulture Agent

    You have likely seen the vibrant pink plumes of muhly grass this fall, now a much-used and vibrant addition to home landscapes. Ornamental grasses are quickly establishing themselves as a common addition to landscape beds and along roadsides. And with good reason. Grasses afford interesting texture and graceful, arching foliage that adds movement to an otherwise stagnant landscape.