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  • What is this mystery plant?

    By John Nelson


    "If you prick us, do we not bleed?"

                — Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice, III: 1.


  • When making your own tomato sauce, use only the best ingredients

    If you love pasta as much as I do, a good tomato sauce is one of the first things you should learn to make. You can either cook the tomatoes for a very short time or let them simmer and bubble for at least 40 minutes. Tomatoes only begin to release their acid juices after about 10 minutes, so it will take at least half an hour simmering to evaporate.

  • Watering responsibly in the summer


     By Sam Marshall


  • Are you putting too much pressure on yourself?

    By Linda Arnold


    Let’s face it: There are enough external critics in the world without having to listen to that voice inside your head.

    And, while most of us want to learn, grow and improve our lives, this can become a slippery slope. If you never stop to take stock of where you are and appreciate all the things you’ve accomplished, you’ll always be yearning — and putting more and more pressure on yourself.


    Is your life in order?

  • We are family: My brothers and my sisters and me
  • Three habits of happy, healthy cats

    Habits form the foundation of our lives. The foods we eat, the time we sleep, and how we care for our bodies build the bedrock of good health. Daily choices also affect the well-being of our feline family members. The healthiest cats I serve as a veterinarian also have the healthiest lifestyles. Regular exercise and mental stimulation, wholesome nutritional choices, and simple preventive care are the top habits of the happiest cats I know.


    Healthy, happy habit 1: Mind and body

  • Get gluten

    Got gluten? Maybe you should.

    Gluten-free diets are popular these days despite the lack of evidence they are healthful for most people. If you’re trying to go gluten-free, you may want to give it a second thought. A recent article by Lisa C. Andrews, MEd, RD, LD in Food and Health Communications reports on a new study that suggest that going gluten-free may actually raise your risk for type 2 diabetes.

  • Shallotte Police reports

    Shallotte police investigated the following incidents and made the following arrests in the past two weeks. All information is taken directly from police incident and arrest reports.

    July 31

    Fraudulent checks cashed at Alex Wireless on Holden Beach Road for $650.

    Aug. 1

    Henry Toby Cole, 34, was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana up to one-half ounce, simple possession of a schedule III controlled substance and simple possession of a schedule IV controlled substance.

    Aug. 3

  • Compass Pointe named magazine’s best neighborhood

    Another Brunswick County development has won over Where to Retire magazine, which will feature Compass Pointe in the latest edition.

    “We name one neighborhood per issue our ‘Best Neighborhood,’” Where to Retire editor Annette Fuller said.

    A three-page story on the planned 2,000-home development off N.C. 74/76 outside of Leland will run in the September/October issue, which went on sale Aug. 8.

  • Golf cart regulations won’t run through OIB officials

    OCEAN ISLE BEACH — Ocean Isle Beach officials received a request to look at registering golf carts through the town and planned to discuss it at the Aug. 8 town meeting, but backed off the proposal.

    “There are two separate laws that govern golf carts,” Town Administrator Daisy Ivey said during Thursday morning’s meeting.

    A “golf cart is a vehicle that that can travel at 20 mph or less and is not required to have safety equipment under North Carolina law.