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  • Leland economic development promotes master plan draft review

    LELAND — Leland economic development director Gary Vidmar encourages public input on the first draft of the town’s 2020 Master Plan.

    The plan, discussed at the Leland Economic Development Committee meeting April 14, addresses the town’s population increase, vision for land use, parks and open space, transportation and economic development.

    Leland officials brought in PlaceMakers Consulting Team on Nov. 10-13, 2015, to help update the plan. In the 2009 version of it, residents said they wanted compact, walkable and mixed-use development.

  • Commissioners agree to put $152M school bond on ballot

    BOLIVIA — Brunswick County commissioners voted 4-1 Monday to place the school board’s requested $152 million bond referendum for school capital needs on the Nov. 8, 2016 general election ballot.

    Commissioner Marty Cooke, who has been critical of the school board’s planning and timing of the bond request since a joint meeting with the board on Nov. 23, cast the dissenting vote during commissioners’ regular meeting Monday night, April 18. His wife, Catherine Cooke, is a school board member.

  • Ex-cop’s trial focuses on discrepancies in teen’s shooting

    BOLIVIA — Testimony from two witnesses for the state in the case against Bryon Vassey, a former Southport police sergeant accused of killing 18-year-old Keith Vidal in his Boiling Spring Lakes home two years ago, indicated discrepancies about what the teen had in his hand when he was shot.

    Vassey was the last of three law enforcement officers who responded to Vidal’s home the afternoon of Jan. 5, 2014, after Vidal’s stepfather, Mark Wilsey Sr., called 911 for help to calm the teen, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia.

  • District court docket


    The following cases were adjudicated over four days of District Criminal Court on April 4, 5, 7 and 8 in Bolivia.

    Codes: PG, pleaded guilty; PNG/NG, pleaded not guilty, found not guilty; PNG/G, pleaded not guilty, found guilty; BCDF, Brunswick County Detention Facility; NCDOC, North Carolina Department of Correction.


    Monday, April 4

    Judge W. Fred Gore presided over the following cases with prosecutor C. Ashley Gore and courtroom clerk Jennifer Jones:

  • Growing your own strawberries


    It’s strawberry picking time in southeastern North Carolina. That always brings some questions about growing those big, juicy berries in the home garden. Unfortunately, the strawberries you see growing commercially in the fields of local producers are nearly impossible to grow at home.

  • Eating lots of fruits and vegetables

      Eat more fruit. Eat more vegetables. Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables. These are the general recommendations we’re hearing from health experts everywhere. They all agree we should all be eating more fruits and veggies.

  • Why does it take so long for my dog to ‘go?’

     Recently, a pet owner asked me a somewhat sensitive question. Lately, her middle-aged Labradoodle had been taking longer to “go” than normal. Because this was over the Internet and I can’t diagnose on my smartphone, I told her to seek veterinary help quickly. For everyone else, I thought I’d share some of the common reasons that may cause your pooch to experience prolonged pooping.


    Intestinal parasites

  • At life's airport arrivals and departures are at the same gate

      Maybe it’s the season of nearly summer with spring still bearing signs of winter’s chill that is affecting me. Maybe it’s the lingering last days of my college pal suffering with cancer’s invasion on multiple fronts. Maybe it’s the slowly leaking drip of departures opening tears and tears in my circle of friends. I am not sure of the cause, but I am feeling the pain of the effect. There is a heart heaviness I cannot shake.

  • When your partner’s annoying habits get on your nerves

    By Linda Arnold  

      “Happily. Even. After.  It’s the new “happily ever after.”)

    Why don’t you put things back where they belong? Do you have to have every light on? Why is the TV so loud?

    Sound familiar? If resentment is hijacking your relationship, it could be a wakeup call.

    Maybe you’re frustrated and feel like your partner has changed his or her personality. Can you ever regain the magic?


    Where’s the spark?

  • What is this mystery plant?

        By John Nelson

    “The Queen is the only person who can put on a tiara with one hand, while walking down stairs,” attributed to Princess Margaret.

    Sometimes when you go into a forest, you see flowers. Sometimes you see snakes. Sometimes you see both, if you’re lucky.