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  • Lehr’s death a loss of commissioner and friend

    Shock was the term most frequently used by Holden Beach officials at the news town commissioner Ray Lehr died unexpectedly June 20.

    “I don’t know what to say; it’s shocking,” commissioner Sheila Young said, adding she last saw Lehr at the town’s last budget meeting June 17.

    “I was not aware he was ill,” Young said.

    Mayor Pro Tem Don Glander, who knew Lehr for close to 10 years and served with him for six years on the town board, said Lehr was in good health.

  • Holden Beach officials vote 3-2 to appoint Kyser to town board

    Ken Kyser, a former Holden Beach commissioner, was appointed to the town board Thursday morning.

    Holden Beach officials held a special meeting at 10 a.m. June 27 to discuss how to fill the empty seat left after Commissioner Ray Lehr’s death one week earlier.

    Kyser served on the town board for two terms, from 2007-11, but resigned one month prior to the November 2011 general election due to health problems.

  • Woman sought for questioning in recent thefts

    Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office Detectives with the assistance of South Carolina authorities have identified the woman in the attached photos as Bonnie Mendola, 30, of Hillside Drive, North Myrtle Beach, S.C.

    Warrants have been drawn for the following charges: Obtaining property false pretense, larceny for an incident that occurred on June 23 at Turtle Crossing Cupcake Shop in Calabash and larceny for an incident that occurred on June 4 at Bill’s Seafood in Sunset Beach.

  • District court docket

    The following cases were adjudicated over three days of District Criminal Court on June 13, 14 and 17 in Bolivia.

    Codes: PG, pleaded guilty; PNG/NG, pleaded not guilty, found not guilty; PNG/G, pleaded not guilty, found guilty; BCDC, Brunswick County Detention Center; NCDOC, North Carolina Department of Corrections.


    Thursday, June 13

    Judge Marion R. Warren presided over the following cases with prosecutors Cathi Radford and Quintin McGee and courtroom clerk Courtney Graham:

  • Don’t blame mayo—the egg is cooked

    Summer days just seem to cry out, “time for a picnic.” This is ideal weather to cook and eat outside, but it is also the ideal temperature for bacteria to multiply and cause a foodborne illness.
    Of course, we all know food needs to be kept cold. The general rule-of-thumb is food should not be left at room temperature for more than two hours, and this goes down to one hour when it’s one of those really hot over-90-degrees summer days.

  • ‘Cutting for Stone’ is a stubborn metaphor for life

    Hubby Dear groans with dismay whenever he spots a tome in my hand. He knows and faces the inevitable: my total immersion in the book. When it is 658 pages long, he’s in for extended periods of silence! Abraham Vergese’s novel, “Cutting for Stone,” proved his perception.

  • Try using seasonal vegetables when planning your daily meals

    Have you ever sat down and planned what meals you were going to cook that week without considering what vegetables were in season? I know I have!
    I get this craving for a certain meal that I want to have without even considering if certain foods or veggies are even available at that time of year. When I can’t find what I want, I sometimes end up creating a completely different dish than what I had planned. Sometimes this is a good thing.

  • Learn to love those blankety-blank bunkers

    Bunkers have always been the bane of my existence as a golfer, and I know I’m not alone in my terror of traps.
    There, I said it. Trap.
    Years ago, a teaching pro told me not to refer to those wide glistening areas of pure white sand as “traps.”
    “The word trap has a negative connotation,” he explained. “It reminds the golfer of negative images like entrapment, snare and ambush. Call them bunkers, because that’s what they are.”

  • The only kind of citation to be coveted

    Sarah Sue Ingram
    Fishing Columnist

  • Summer fishing finally taking hold

    By Barrett McMullan
    Fishing Correspondent

    After such a hectic week and weekend with our hosting of the Jolly Mon King Mackerel Tournament, it was back to normalcy around the Ocean Isle Fishing Center and time to get back to fishing.