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  • Sunset Beach gets an 'above average' audit

    SUNSET BEACH — The town has passed muster with a Wilmington auditor who gave a presentation at town council’s monthly meeting Monday night, Dec. 1.

    Auditor Greg Adams of Thompson, Price, Scott, Adams & Co. said there were no significant deficiencies and the town was “above state average” in collections.

    The biggest financial losses, he said, were transfers to park and streetscape funds in the past 2013-2014 fiscal year ending this past June 30.

  • New hours at Carolina Shores Recycle Center

    CAROLINA SHORES — New extended hours have launched at the town’s solid waste convenience facility.

    Town administrator Jon Mendenhall, speaking at the town board of commissioners’ monthly workshop Monday morning, Dec. 1, said the new hours took effect that day.

    According to a sign posted next door to town hall at the facility, which is now being operated by Waste Industries, it will be open 7 a.m. to noon Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. The center will be closed Sundays and Fridays.

  • State nonprofits take a big hit in 2013-14

    North Carolinians cut back even more on charitable giving for the second year in a row, according to new statistics from the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office.

    The just released 2013-14 North Carolina Secretary of State Charitable Solicitation Licensing Division Annual Report shows charities licensed by the state collected $21,437,796.33 during the 12-month period recorded.

    That amount is lower than in 2012-13 when North Carolinians gave more than $32 million. It is also the lowest annual amount collected in the past four years.

  • Business, a needed break and busy-ness

    Last week, I asked readers to share what types of retail businesses they’d like to see here in Brunswick County that don’t already exist. My list includes Target; menswear, sportswear and plus-sized women’s clothing stores; a lingerie shop that carries a variety of sizes and foundations and caters to women who have had mastectomies and breast reconstruction; a fine wine and beer shop; and a sporting goods store.

    Among the other suggestions I received are:

    ·      A toy store

  • Need knows no holiday

    About 6 a.m. Thanksgiving Day, volunteers gathered at Shallotte Presbyterian Church to prepare holiday suppers for those in the community who receive Meals On Wheels. Offered through Brunswick Senior Resources Inc., Meals On Wheels volunteers deliver hot meals to adults 60 and older who are homebound or at BSRI senior centers and sites throughout the county. The volunteers took time out of their holiday with their own families and friends to make sure their neighbors would not go without participating in the traditional feast.

  • District court docket

     The following cases were adjudicated over five days of District Criminal Court on Nov. 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21 in Bolivia.

    Codes: PG, pleaded guilty; PNG/NG, pleaded not guilty, found not guilty; PNG/G, pleaded not guilty, found guilty; BCDF, Brunswick County Detention Facility; NCDOC, North Carolina Department of Correction.


    Monday, Nov. 17

    Judge Pauline Hankins presided over the following cases with prosecutor W. Fred Gore and courtroom clerk Courtney Graham:

  • Teach me to work … I’ll find my food

     Annually in the United States, Thanksgiving week is also honored as a time to give thought and offer action to the plight of homeless hordes whose lives are hidden in the nooks and crannies of our world. Their roof is the sky; their floor is the earth. Shelter is found anywhere they can hide, in woods behind public buildings, huddled in alleyways, housed in vacant buildings marked for destruction. They are invisible in the plain sight of unseeing eyes.

  • It’s dine-in day

     Cheryle Jones Syracuse


    The inaugural Family and Consumer Sciences Day is Wednesday, Dec. 3. In observance of this day, the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and the National Extension Association for Family and Consumer Sciences are asking families to plan and eat a healthy meal together. They are calling for this to be Dining-in Day.

  • What is this mystery plant?

     By John Nelson

    It got REALLY cold (by my standards) here in central South Carolina last week and a lot of leaves fell. It’s the time of the year when you realize, once again, how open your backyard is without all that foliage. And of course, they are perfect for the compost pile.

    Our little Mystery Plant has pretty much lost all of its leaves by now, and of course there aren’t any flowers to see. (Now.) But there are these very odd structures.

  • After bird day, it might be time to think about Christmas cookies

     If you’ve been to our local Walmart or Belk’s (who hasn’t?), you’ll know that the holiday season is in full swing and that means it’s time for baking cookies! So many recipes, so little time…