Today's News

  • BFA Thrift Store makes changes

    The Brunswick Family Assistance Thrift Store stands to benefit from suggested improvements, according to an assessment by a University of North Carolina at Wilmington group charged with evaluating nonprofits.

    Since that assessment, some of those changes have been implemented at the BFA Thrift Store, located next door to BFA headquarters in Twin Creek Plaza at 4600 Main St. in Shallotte, including new management, reduced employee work hours and rearrangement and pricing changes of merchandise.

  • Trenton Cade wins National Junior Golf Tour event

    Trenton Cade, a Shallotte Middle School sixth-grader, finished tied for first in a National Junior Golf Tour event Nov. 6. Cade shot a 46-41 — 87 at the Stonebridge Golf Club in Monroe. He had seven pars in his round and finished at 15-over par on the 5,145-yard course.

    Cade tied for first with Jason Zawtocki of Charlotte in the four-player event for those 10 and 11.

  • Donated items sought for firefighters in western N.C.

    Local fire departments are collecting donated supplies to aid firefighters battling wildfires in western North Carolina.

    Items can be dropped off at the Brunswick County Emergency Operations Center at the county complex in Bolivia, the Winnabow Volunteer Fire Department at 161 Governors Road SE, and Sunset Beach Fire Station No. 1 at 102 Shoreline Drive West.

    Winnabow Fire Chief Travis B. Mercer, who is urging participation from county fire departments, said his goal is to be loaded and ready to deliver supplies Saturday morning, Nov. 19.

  • Southport’s John N. Smith Cemetery receives grant from The Orton Foundation

    The John N. Smith Cemetery has announced a $14,500 grant from The Orton Foundation, the North Carolina affiliate of Louis Bacon’s Moore Charitable Foundation. Established in 1880, this African-American cemetery is on Leonard Street in Southport.

    Preservation of the cemetery has deep historical and spiritual significance for the Southport community. The grant will enable the cemetery to install a new perimeter fence around the property.

  • Restoration planned for Green Swamp

    The Nature Conservancy is beginning a multi-year project to restore its Green Swamp Preserve in Brunswick County. The end goal is to recreate the robust longleaf forest savannas that existed before Europeans made their mark on the landscape.

    “People driving down Highway 211 will likely see activity in the coming years,” Angie Carl, who is directing the restoration for The Nature Conservancy, said in a news release. “We’ve got more than a decade of research in the swamp to show us what we need to do to restore the forest.”

  • What is this mystery plant?

     By John Nelson

    Nothing teems

    But hateful docks, rough thistles, kecksies, burs,

    Losing both beauty and utility.

      — William Shakespeare, King Henry V, act 5


  • A few tools for recovering from political campaign fatigue

     By Linda Arnold

    The political campaigns are over … finally!

  • Have you ever thought of mangos as a comfort food?

     We all have our favorite comfort food, whether it’s grilled cheese sandwiches, steak and potatoes, mac and cheese, a special casserole or just a bowl of ice cream. But have you ever considered mangos as comfort food?

  • Time for the cool weather weed invasion

     We have enjoyed a mild autumn, but things are cooling down letting us know Old Man Winter will soon join us for, thankfully, a short visit. Our winters aren’t usually too bad, but these cooler temperatures set the stage for winter weeds like wild garlic and annual bluegrass to fill in weak spots in the lawn.

  • Rapamycin: New drug hopes to extend life expectancy of dogs

     Veterinarians search for ways to help pets enjoy longer and healthier lives their entire careers, driven by the desire to enable dogs and cats to remain vigorous and vital for many, many years. A new drug, rapamycin, may also help dogs fight the effects of aging and prolong life in animals and humans.