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  • November is the month for remembrance

     As I type, I feel the heaviness of a rainy day … a day when I’d rather be ensconced on a soft sofa with a novel and a cup of steaming coffee close at hand. I find it hard to be uplifted and uplifting when the skies are gray, drenching an already saturated earth with more water than it can possibly hold. Adding to the angst, the time has changed. Daylight is no longer being saved. Instead, darkness makes an earlier descent. How quickly gladness can turn to gloom!

  • Intuition: your own personal fact checker

     By Linda Arnold

    ‘Tis the season — political season, that is. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt been exposed to candidate commercials, debates, sound bites or commentaries. 

    I’ve worked in the fields of politics, government and advertising, so I’m quite familiar with the competitive nature of campaigns. Timing is everything.

  • Understanding genetically modified foods


    By Sam Marshall, Horticulture Agent


  • After all these years, I still enjoy writing this column


    I have been writing this food column for more than 10 years now, and recently a friend of mine asked me how I came up with all my ideas to write about each week. I told him I had this long checklist made up of possible food articles and I just checked them off week after week. I probably had enough for 10 years! “Really?” he asked.

  • What is this mystery plant?

     By John Nelson

    We head up into the beautiful Appalachian Mountains for this week’s mystery plant –– so many wonderful places for a field trip and so many fascinating habitats. In the higher elevations, there has already been frost, but that is no reason for a botanist or naturalist to go out and beat the bushes. Late-season wildflowers are still with us, along with a variety of woody plants exhibiting their colorful fruits.

  • Ambrose engagement

     Announcement is made of the forthcoming marriage of Taylor Helen Ambrose and William Hampton Hall. The bride-elect is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald James Ambrose. She is a 2014 graduate of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and is a registered nurse in the oncology department at UNC Hospital. The prospective groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hall. He is a 2014 graduate of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and is a graduate student in the UNC Chapel Hill School of Pharmacy. A July 2016 wedding is planned.

  • Maintain, don’t gain, this holiday season

     The big question is: Will you weigh the same on Jan. 1, 2016, as you do right now? Weight gain during the holidays is common with many Americans gaining between one and five pounds. While that doesn’t sound like much, too often these extra pounds aren’t lost after the holidays. And this goes on year after year.

  • New drug hopes to extend life expectancy of dogs

     I’ve been searching for ways to help pets enjoy longer and healthier lives my entire career. I introduced long-term medication monitoring schedules to help avoid adverse events, defined senior pet medical guidelines to catch hidden diseases earlier, and my current fight against pet obesity and the diseases excess fat causes. Uniting these efforts is the desire to enable dogs and cats to remain vigorous and vital for many, many years. A new drug, rapamycin, may also help dogs fight the effects of aging and prolong life.

  • West, North in football playoffs

    West Brunswick has qualified for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association class 3AA football state playoffs, which begin Friday, Nov. 13. The Trojans (5-6) will play at Terry Sanford in Fayetteville (10-1). West is seeded last and Sanford No. 1 in the 16-team East bracket.

    North Brunswick has qualified for the North Carolina High School Athletic Association class 2AA football state playoffs. The Scorpions will play at Clinton (8-2) on Friday, Nov. 13. North is seeded No. 13 and Clinton No. 4 in the 16-team East bracket.


  • Scorpions’ soccer season ends in second round of playoffs

    TOWN CREEK — Croatan beat North Brunswick 3-2 Saturday, Nov. 7,  at the Town Creek Park soccer field in the second round of the state soccer playoffs.

    The Cougars scored all their goals in the second half as they improved to 11-9-3 and moved on to the third round. North finishes the season 13-8-2.