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  • Those fancy little French snails have an appeal the world over

     My first taste of escargots was at a fancy, high-end restaurant called Tangiers back in Akron, Ohio, many, many, many years ago. A salesman had taken me out for lunch and he recommended having a plate of these French delicacies. 

  • Your viewpoint is never the whole truth

     By Linda Arnold

  • Why is my lawn dying?

    By Sam Marshall 

  • Can dogs and cats see in color? Can they watch TV?

     I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard pet parents say, “Dogs and cats only see in black in white.” I’ve always explained dogs can see many shades of colors, especially blues and yellows, and a cat’s vision is probably pretty similar. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve then been told, “Yeah, they see gray.” So what’s the scoop? Can dogs and cats see colors and, more importantly, can they watch your favorite television shows with you?

  • Only the turkey should be stuffed

     This holiday season, the only thing that should be “stuffed” is the turkey. Many Americans gain between one and five pounds each holiday season. While it may not sound like much, most people never manage to lose these extra pounds after the holidays. And this goes on year after year.

  • Clemmons re-elected Brunswick County Register of Deeds

    Republican incumbent Brenda Clemmons of Bolivia has been re-elected Brunswick County Register of Deeds.

    Unofficial tallies Tuesday night show Clemmons receiving 42,998 or 67.9 percent votes over Democratic challenger John Holleman of Leland, who received 20,324 votes or 32.1 percent.

    Clemmons has served as Register of Deeds in Brunswick County since 2008.

  • Hamilton wins another term with N.C. House District 18

    Democratic incumbent Susi Hamilton will keep her seat in N.C. House District 18.

    Unofficial tallies Tuesday night show Hamilton, of Wilmington, with 21,722 or 61.08 percent votes over Republican challenger Gerald Benton’s 13,843 or 38.92 percent.

    Hamilton, 44, a business consultant, has served as N.C. House District 18 representative since 2010.

  • Iler retains seat in N.C. House District 17

    With 19 of 19 Brunswick County precincts reporting Tuesday night, Republican incumbent Frank Iler has easily retained his seat in N.C. House District 17.

    Iler received 32,560 votes or 66.44 percent over Democratic challenger Charles Warren’s 16,447 or 33.56 percent.

    Iler, of Oak Island, has served as District 17 representative since 2009.

  • Unofficial Brunswick County general election results

    Below are unofficial Brunswick County general election results available at press time Tuesday night. Updates on local races will be posted online as they become available, with complete reports to be published in the Nov. 17 edition.

    With 26 of 26 precincts reporting


    Brunswick County Schools $152 million bond referendum

  • Voters appear to OK $152M school bond

    Early election results Tuesday night indicate Brunswick County voters approved a $152 million school bond referendum that would pay for many capital projects beginning in 2017.

    School officials gathered at their administration building in Bolivia on Tuesday night to watch the precincts tally their votes.

    Brunswick County Schools spokeswoman Jessica Swencki said there are 94,311 registered voters in Brunswick County, with an estimated 47,156 voting in the 2016 election. Of that number, the bond needs 80 percent, or 37,724 votes, for the bond to pass.