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  • Mystery still surrounds Bolivia plane crash more than 50 years later

    Brunswick County native Ouida Hewett was 26 years old when Brunswick County gained national attention.

    Hewett, who was living on Civietown Road in Supply on Jan. 6, 1960, was standing at the backdoor of her home, feeding her youngest son a baby bottle.

    She had just warmed the milk, added syrup and was shaking it up, when all of a sudden she heard a plane overhead.

    She opened the backdoor just in time to see an explosion that looked as if it were somewhere over Bolivia, or just south of it.

  • Blackhawk Helicopter touches down at Lincoln Elementary

    Students at Lincoln Elementary School climb out of the UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter on Monday morning. The helicopter landed at the school to kick off the STARBASE program, a weeklong educational program that teaches fifth-graders hands-on science, math, technology and teamwork skills. Fifth-grade teacher Jan Boone said the program correlates with the science curriculum. Students learn aerodynamics, engage in a flight simulation activity, test Newton’s three laws of motion, and build and launch rockets at the end of the program.


    Shallotte Police investigated the following incidents during the past week. Information is taken directly from police reports.

    •Stalking at Pizza Hut; suspect stalked victim over a period of months. The suspect was reported to have two firearms. The investigation is ongoing.

    •Larceny of mail on Queen’s Grant Circle; suspect removed victim’s mail from mailbox. The mail contained two supplemental security income checks totaling $358 and a Social Security check for $515.

  • Golf action

    In a CFAG match Friday at Meadowlands, Ron Doeblin and Joe Gallo placed first with a 75. The two-man teams scored one net per hole. Placing second were John Ducey and Steve Maiorca.



    The Ocean Isle Beach Police Department investigated the following incidents since Jan. 5. All information is taken directly from police incident reports.

    •Seven reports of breaking and entering and property damage on West First Street.

    •Breaking and entering, larceny and property damage on West First Street.

    •Breaking and entering and property damage on West Third Street.

    •Larceny/shoplifting at the ABC Store on Causeway Drive.

    •Breaking and entering, property damage and larceny on West First Street.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office ACE roundup

    The Aggressive Criminal Enforcement (ACE) Team is a support unit, whose primary functions are traffic enforcement and assisting in the apprehension of drug traffickers in the county. The ACE team conducts driving while impaired and driver’s license checkpoints, as well as street-level investigations on controlled substances.

    The ACE team works with the sheriff’s office K-9 Enforcement Team and Drug Enforcement Unit to apprehend narcotics suspects as well as saturating hot spots where criminal activity is reported.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office crime report

    Brunswick County Sheriff’s deputies investigated the following incidents last week, which are taken directly from sheriff’s office incident reports:

    •Breaking and entering, larceny and property damage on Kirby Road in Supply; suspect entered victim’s residence and stole two TVs, a sound system, an iPod and a ladder.

    •Fraud on Crown Creek Circle in Ocean Isle Beach; suspect called victim and requested money.

    •Larceny on Mary Street in Shallotte; suspect stole victim’s vehicle.

  • Brunswick County Sheriff's Office K-9 roundup

    The K-9 enforcement team answers calls, conducts driver’s license checkpoints and assists with other agencies when K-9s are needed.

    From Jan. 4-10, K-9 deputies patrolled the following communities: Sunset Harbor, Ocean View, Highlands, Green Bay Village, Brunswick Plantation, McMilly Road and River Sea.

    K-9 deputies wrote two uniform citations and made three drug arrests, including felony possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

  • Warm Homes, Warm Hearts helps local families

    We’ve editorialized several times in the past year about how the economy has affected Brunswick County families.

    From residents losing jobs, to those who are having difficulties making ends meet, many residents have found themselves in need. Some need help with food and clothing; others need help paying bills for life essentials like housing and electricity.

    The weather recently has added an additional strain on some of the county’s cash-strapped residents.

  • Time to stock up on lures and begin preparing your tackle box for warm weather

    Not many people are wetting a line right now, since it’s just too darn cold for most folks to get out after the fish. There might be a few trout or drum around, but if there are, they’re pretty safe. Instead, local anglers are preparing for warmer weather and the inevitable burst of the spring fishing season.