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  • Calabash Fire Department July 2016

    During the month of July 2016, the Calabash Fire Department responded to 178 calls: 10 structure fires, two woods/brush fires, seven fire alarms, eight motor vehicle accidents, five water/boat rescues, an investigation, 16 public assistance calls, four other calls and 125 EMS first-response calls.

  • Keeping bagged lettuce safe

     I eat lettuce right out of the bag. Since people know I teach and write about food safety, quite often they ask me about re-washing pre-washed bagged lettuce. I don’t and neither does Dr. Ben Chapman, the NCSU state specialist in food safety.

    Chapman said in a recent post to barfblog.com, a daily food safety blog he writes with Dr. Doug Powell, there’s really not much you can do, safety-wise, to bagged lettuce once it’s in your home. If there’s pathogenic E. coli, Listeria or Salmonella there (or others) you’re stuck with it.

  • ‘High five’ a senior cat during August at Cat Tails

     Helping pets find forever homes is one of my proudest passions. I began working with my local Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) shelter as a teenager and continued throughout my undergraduate studies. I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most devoted, compassionate and caring folks on the planet.

  • We have a treasure not made of gold

     I always loved a hymn written by John Foley, SJ. Originally released in 1975, Earthen Vessels was the second album from the St. Louis Jesuits and was most popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s — the heyday of my life as a professional religious educator. Its message, taken from 2 Corinthians 4:7, formed me early in my ministry. It continues to provide me with a vision and goal which deepens as I age.

    The words offer all a great reminder of who we are, as inspired humans, flawed but faithful. For those unfamiliar with the hymn, the refrain is:

  • How to dig yourself out of a rut

     By Linda Arnold


    If you’re in a funk right now, you’re not alone.


    I’ve talked with a number of folks who are undergoing major challenges. And the recent rash of natural disasters, global events and political divisiveness doesn’t help.

    Maybe you’re stuck in a rut at work. Or having relationship or health issues. That creeping feeling of despair starts out in one area and, the next thing you know, it’s sinking into other parts of your life.

  • What is this mystery plant?

     By John Nelson

    We are talking BIG flowers here, up to eight inches across when fully expanded. Is there any larger, single flower on any plant in North America? Maybe Magnolia, but it's a close contest.

  • Think fall: Consider a fall vegetable garden

     By Sam Marshall


    Fall is an exciting time in southeastern North Carolina. We finally get a reprieve from the heat and humidity and the bugs are more tolerable, which means you can begin to reclaim the outdoors and get back in the garden; and now is the time to start a fall vegetable garden. If you typically grow a summer garden — tomatoes, beans, cucumbers, squash — and no fall garden, you are only getting half the production potential from your beds and are missing out on some tasty cool-season veggies.


  • Beef Wellington is a simple, elegant dish perfect for a dinner party

     Named after Arthur Wellesley, the first the Duke of Wellington, this dish became an entertaining extravaganza back in the 1960s.

    Beef Wellington is an English preparation of filet of beef tenderloin assembled with liver pate and duxelles, a finely chopped mixture of mushrooms and onions sautéed in butter and reduced to a paste, and then encased in a puff pastry, making the outside buttery and crispy. This dish should always be served with the center slightly pink.

  • Pedestrian struck, killed Sunday night in Shallotte

    By Lindsay Kriz

    Staff Writer

    A 47-year-old Bolivia man was struck by a car and killed while walking down Main Street in Shallotte on Sunday night, July 31.

    Brunswick County Deputy Coroner Dave Crocker pronounced Ashby Young Smith, of Arbor Drive, dead of blunt force trauma at the scene.

  • Grand jury indicts man accused of stealing truck from school

    A Brunswick County Superior Court grand jury indicted a 26-year-old Sunset Beach man who police said wore only eyeglasses, underwear and socks when he stole a Brunswick County Schools truck from Shallotte Middle School on June 23.

    Eric Faull Williams of Town Center Road was apprehended after a school employee told officials they were being followed by the man, covered in mud and grass, as he entered the school about 6 a.m.