Today's News

  • Noticing the native plants


    Winter is slowly on its way. It is becoming harder to find interesting color in the garden. Have you noticed the pockets of color along the roadside? 

    Being a Raleigh native and new to the area, I was unsure of what to expect in the fall. It is always a tradition for me to visit Asheville and see the palate of color the leaves create. The rich, reds, bright, yellows and brilliant, oranges are always so vibrant and well worth the trip. 

  • Therapeutic garden time killing

    Even though the fall has been fairly mild this year, the list of chores in the garden is much shorter—no grass to mow, fewer weeds to fight. There’s always football, basketball, hockey, eating too much and all of those parties and family get-togethers during the holiday season to fill the time, but there’s nothing more therapeutic than getting some dirt under those fingernails. 

  • Senior site menus

    Here are lunch menus for Brunswick County’s nine Senior Nutrition Sites for next week.

    Monday, Nov. 29

    Roast beef au jus, brown rice, carrots, fruit cocktail, dinner roll/margarine, beverage.

    Tuesday, Nov. 30

    Chicken/dumplings, pickled beets, peaches, biscuit/margarine, beverage.

    Wednesday, Dec. 1

    Barbecue pork, baked beans, coleslaw, apple cobbler, dinner roll/margarine, beverage.

    Thursday, Dec. 2

    Chopped steak/gravy, rice, okra/tomatoes, pears, whole-wheat bread/margarine, beverage.

  • Holiday party hors d’oeuvres can be creative, delicious

    Whether you call them appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, canapés or whatever, they are the scrumptious little morsels served before the start of a full-course meal. 

    Appetizers can also function as the main course for a meal. Many times my wife and I have gone out to restaurants and just ordered three or four hors d’oeuvres instead of the usual entrée. This can also work at any of your cocktail or holiday parties.

  • Community news briefs

    Civil War group to meet Dec. 7

    The Brunswick Civil War Round Table will meet Tuesday, Dec. 7, at Trinity United Methodist Church, 209 E. Nash St. in Southport, across from the Southport post office. Registration begins at 6:30 p.m. Admission is free.

  • Chariot racer holding a goat

    Mark Jankowski
    Ingram Planetarium Planetarium educator

    Get ready for strange things in the sky—a Full Beaver Moon; horns that never run empty and an ancient chariot racer holding a goat, plus two kids. 

    Yep, all this weird stuff in the sky and all we see is a random scattering of stars across the heavens. 

    Using a sky map as a treasure map you can reveal all the hidden stories of old and even see a ram with a fly buzzing around his tail. 

  • Movie magic from Ocean Isle Beach

    Two Ocean Isle residents have combined their talents to make movie magic.
    Adam Melton and John Keogh teamed up with Tri-Rahn Pictures and Vela Films to create the feature film “Pendulum Swings.” Melton, a partner in Vela Films, served as both the lead actor in the film and the producer. Keogh utilized his extensive writing background to bring life to the script.

  • Decorating the town

    Every day last week, drivers on Main Street in Shallotte passed a woman whose mission for the past decade has been to make the town more attractive.

    Now in her early 70s, Sara McCullough has tried to retire from serving as the head of the town’s appearance committee for several years, but she says this is her last.

    “I am stepping down at the end of this year,” she said. “I tried last year, but I agreed for one more year. It has gotten so big.”

  • Boom...boom...BOOM

    Residents all over the county reported hearing loud booms last week.

    While this isn’t a new occurrence for the area, it has some people wondering why there aren’t any answers and just exactly what is going on.

    Are jets breaking the sound barrier, is the continental shelf shifting, are they sonic booms, is the Great Spirit shaping the Earth or are the Seneca Indians reminding us of the guns used to take their land?

    No one seems to know.

  • Town decides to change recycling containers for 2011

    It’s going to be a Pepsi-blue Christmas for Shallotte after all.

    Shallotte Board of Aldermen approved moving forward on a contract with Waste Industries to provide a 96-gallon recycle cart to each residence.

    Instead of the current 18-gallon bin that must be carried to the curb, residents will have a 96-gallon rollout cart. Waste Industries hopes to begin the service starting on Jan. 1.

    “They are convenient and easy,” Waste Industries Brunswick branch general manager Greg Brinkley said at in the November aldermen meeting.