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  • County commissioners cancel Nov. 21 meeting

    The Nov. 21 regular meeting of the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners has been canceled because of a lack of time-sensitive matters for consideration and the proximity of the Thanksgiving holiday.

    The corresponding agenda meeting, scheduled for Nov. 15, has likewise been canceled.

  • Wrenching loss for Trojans to Hoggard

    WILMINGTON — Hoggard beat West Brunswick 34-26 Friday, Oct. 21, and prevented the Trojans from clinching the Mideastern 3A/4A Conference football title.

    West can clinch at least a share of the title if it beats Laney on Friday, Oct. 28, in Shallotte in the final game of the conference season.

    For West coach Kelly Williamson, his thoughts after the game were not about championships but about senior center Alex Mercer, who suffered a broken left leg with 3 minutes, 22 seconds left in the game.

  • South’s Hudson fourth in MEC title race
  • Hunger and homelessness linger and we are convicted by the grateful outsider
  • How do we restore our faith in humanity?

     By Linda Arnold

    There’s no question our country is deeply divided. Just watch those political debates!

    All you need to do is turn on the TV, scroll through social media or listen to the background chatter in public places to see the extent of this great divide.

    Everything is so “charged.” You can either join the fever pitch or bury your head in the sand. Neither of these are good choices.

    Glass half-full or half-empty?

  • West Brunswick’s Long, Rutter win MEC 3A doubles title

    West Brunswick senior tennis players Emily Long and Olivia Rutter defeated South Brunswick seniors Michaela McIntyre and Hannah Pieper in three sets Oct. 18 in winning the Mideastern 3A Conference doubles title.

    West, which fought off match point in the second set, won 2-6, 7-5, 6-1 during competition in 80-degree weather at Ocean Isle Beach Park Tennis Center. From the start of the semifinal to the end of the final, Long and Rutter were on the court for about 3 hours and 25 minutes.

  • A simple, flavorful sauce can enhance most any dish

     While most of us enjoy cooking, whether on the stovetop or grilling outside, we sometimes tend to ignore all the various sauces that can really enhance the flavor and aroma when cooking everything from steak to chicken to pork to fish to vegetables and even certain fruits.

    If cooking chicken breasts, why not liven it up with a zesty lemon and green onion sauce? Or how about some pork chops with a mushroom bourbon sauce?

  • Fall isn’t for planting?

     Horticulture gurus often suggest the cooler days and nights of autumn are a great time to plant trees and shrubs in our mild climate. Plants aren’t stressed as much and have a chance to develop a better root system before the heat and humidity of another southern summer arrives.

    Well, all that is true for most plants, but there are some selections of my favorite group of summer-flowering plants (crape myrtle) that are better planted in late winter and early spring. 

  • Five-second rule: Busting another myth

     Undoubtedly you’ve heard of the “Five-Second Rule.” This is a common belief in our culture that food and/or silverware dropped on the floor is “safe” if picked up within five seconds. I guess the line of thought is five seconds isn’t long enough for the food to pick up bacteria, dirt, dog hair or other pathogens.

  • I hear what you’re barking

    Study proves dogs understand our words and intonation

    “It’s not only what you say, it’s how you say it” is equally true for both humans and dogs, according to new research. Hungarian scientists have proven something most dog lovers, including me, took for granted: Our dogs understand our words and tones. This exciting study holds many valuable lessons for how we can better study, train, and interact with our beloved canine companions.