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  • Two county youth, First Tee members will travel to Pebble Beach this fall
  • Fishing in a pressure cooker

     The July fishing season is in full swing and the hot weather has shown up on time. Water temperatures are between 85 and 90 degrees depending on the time of day and tide you are fishing. Low tide in the early afternoon may have water temperatures exceed 90 degrees. One would think the fish would go deep looking for cooler temperatures or hide in the shade under the docks. Some fish are looking for refuge during times of rest, but the bait is thick in the shallow hot creeks where many of them must go to feed.

  • Team OIFC places seventh in annual king mackerel tournament

     The 2017 East Coast Got ‘Em On Classic is officially in the books. On July 8-9, roughly 150 anglers battled the high seas and tough fishing for the top spot in this year’s Got ‘Em On king mackerel tournament.  

  • Happy birthday to my Huck Man

     As you’re reading this, whether it’s Wednesday morning or Thursday when the Beacon arrives in your mailbox, we’ll be about a week away from my son’s first birthday and anywhere from 48 to 72 hours from his first birthday party.

    It feels like in this keepin’-up-with-the-Joneses world we live in now, the parties can sometimes overshadow the child’s actual birthday.

  • Brunswick County Dixie Junior Boys rolling in state tourney

     TOWN CREEK – For many years, Brunswick County’s neighbors to its west, Columbus County, have been the only roadblock in the way of an appearance in the Dixie Junior Boys World Series.

    On Saturday, July 8, Brunswick County’s team exorcised some of those demons in a 4-3 opening-round victory over Columbus County in the 2017 Dixie Junior Boys State Tournament, which is being held at Town Creek Park in Winnabow.

    The Dixie Junior Boys team is comprised of all 13-year-olds.

  • Italian stuffed beef rolls (braciole) is a classic Italian-American cuisine

    Beef roll-ups have always been a favorite of mine, much like the popular German Rouladen, where thinly pounded beef is smeared with whole-grain mustard and rolled with bacon, onion and pickle spears, and then braised until tender.

  • It’s never too late to get started with your desires

    By Linda Arnold


    “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

    This ancient Chinese proverb speaks volumes. And it’s a good reminder that you can start anything, anytime.


    Just going through the motions?

  • Finding God in a simple coffee spill

    The day began with a too familiar cry, “I’m so tired!” Nighttime sleep did not refresh and renew. Morning’s awakening was marred with resultant fatigue. Stubbornly, I forced myself to buck up and push on. It would not be the best of ideas.

  • Salvias: Tough plants for a tough climate

    By Sam Marshall


    Over the years, salvia, also referred to as sages, have been steadily growing in popularity. And why not? For the low-maintenance gardener, salvias offer an excellent addition to a coastal garden. Able to withstand the heat, the humidity, drought, and coming in a variety of colors and sizes, salvias add fragrance and beauty to any home landscape that lasts well into the fall months.


    Growing salvias

  • Don’t get burned by freezer burn

    So here’s the question: Is it safe to eat freezer burned food?
    In this column I frequently talk about the difference between the quality and safety of food. When it comes to freezer burn, it’s a quality thing. While safe to eat, the quality of freezer-burned food may be poor.