Among a random patch of America’s prairies, 28-year-old Jasmine Reese of Indianapolis shows what’s most important to her in her life: her bicycle, her dog Fiji and her violin. Reese and Fiji are on a journey around the world, and Reese says sometimes she uses her violin as a way to make money for the journey.
Woman visits Shallotte in trip ‘round the world

SHALLOTTE — Fiji and Jasmine Pedal Around the World.


At least three continents.

Six years.

Or not; Jasmine Reese said plans can change and she’s flexible.

Reese, 28, of Indianapolis, has embarked on a bicycle journey around the globe that will include stops in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America with her Whippet mix, Fiji, ending in about six years, unless she decides to make more permanent stops along the way.