• Start of school year brings increase in CIS volunteer needs

    By Todd Beane

    Guest Columnist

    The 2017-18 academic year officially began Aug. 28 and everyone in the educational system, from staff to students to administrators, is excited for the journey and adventure of a new school year.

    Stretching from late August to early June, there may be times when the journey feels never-ending as both obstacles and achievements are encountered, but every person in every role shares the same goal of students finishing the journey smarter and stronger than when they started.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    We in the North Carolina General Assembly convened in regular sessions Thursday, Aug. 24. Much activity was going on outside these sessions. I was able to attend meetings back here in the district on tourism and on Teacher of the Year for Brunswick County, we held the first meeting of the Environmental Review Commission in Wilmington and we convened in Raleigh for veto overrides and new legislative districts.

  • Sounds, stress and trying to tune out the noise

    Once, when I lived in Ehringhaus on the campus of UNC-Chapel Hill, I got in some trouble when I slept through a fire alarm.

    Thankfully, there was no fire. But my resident adviser and a few of the firefighters who responded couldn’t understand why it took so long for the shrill screeching coming directly from outside my dorm room door to rouse me. They thought maybe I was under the influence, but no. It’s just that when I’m good and tired, I can sleep through just about any loudness.

  • Three o’clock is naptime, not meeting time

    Last time we spoke, I mentioned in passing the change to the Brunswick County commissioners’ meeting schedule, which was recently reconfigured to the second and third Mondays of the month.

    No sooner than the words were out of my mouth, give or take two to three weeks, county officials have changed the regular meeting schedule once again, so just try to ignore the sensation if you start to experience feelings of déjà vu while reading this.

  • District 17 House update

    By Rep. Frank Iler

    Guest Columnist

    The two weeks since my last column have been active for me, although I haven’t had to travel to Raleigh. I have been able to meet with so many interesting groups around the district and have been involved in several ongoing issues.

    In our region, we held a groundbreaking Teacher Academy, we learned about the safety status of our drinking water, we have seen legal threats to our beach and inlet projects and I have met with several community groups.

  • On Campus with BCC: Jiaire’s story

    By Dr. Susanne Adams

    Guest Columnist

    Recently, I watched a clean-cut, confident

    young man walk to the front of a room, stand behind the podium and speak to a local civic organization. From my seat, I saw a passion-filled, intelligent individual who did not need notes to share his message. He was articulate and funny, with just the right combination of humility and confidence.

  • You decide: What explains the rising costs for college?

    By Dr. Mike Walden

    Guest Columnist

    It’s the beginning of a new academic year on college campuses. It’s my 40th as a faculty member at North Carolina State University. I see the eager, young students venturing onto the campus for the first time and tell myself that was me a long, long time ago!

    Of course, new students face many challenges, including deciding on a major, adjusting to the rigors of college courses and balancing “study time” with “fun time.”

  • News itself often more sensational than reports

    My beloved beleaguered Cleveland Browns — who only won their last game last season to go 1-15 — are undefeated in the preseason, having beaten the New York Giants on Monday night. My beloved Cleveland Indians played just a few blocks away, beating the Boston Red Sox, and remain atop the American League Central division.

    In June, my beloved Cleveland Cavaliers didn’t repeat as NBA champs, but they retained the Eastern Conference title for a third straight year.

  • Get ready for the total solar eclipse Monday, Aug. 21

    By Will Snyder

    Guest Columnist

    On Monday, Aug. 21, all eyes will look to the sky across the United States as the sun and moon perform an enchanting dance. Slowly, the sun seems to be consumed by darkness. Onlookers will gasp in awe as more and more of the sun seems to disappear until, finally, the sun ceases to shine.

  • Matters of the heart weigh heavily on the mind

    It’s Sunday evening, and I’m watching the “Harry Potter” movie marathon on Freeform (they seem to air one at least once a month, but I’m not complaining) to take my mind off recent troubles near and far.