• Sunset Beach Town Park, amenities worth cost

    To the editor

    I am responding to Rich Cerrato’s letter in the June 25 edition. I am happy to see he is keeping an all-day, everyday watch on the use of Sunset Beach Town Park.

  • Sunset Beach police go above and beyond their call of duty

    This is my way to say thank you to a very special group of people who do more for us each and every day than we realize. They never, or hardly ever, receive enough of our thanks. I’m talking about the Sunset Beach Police Department.

    Recently, I was the receiver of this kindness. I am a lifetime tenant of my home. When my regular service people checked my air conditioning, I was told one unit could not be fixed. Several weeks ago, the other unit went out. I called my regular people twice and knew they were very busy, but I also knew I needed help right away.

  • Thank you for another great N.C. 4th of July Festival

    To the editor:

    The just concluded 2015 North Carolina 4th of July Festival in Southport was, by most accounts, the safest and best attended in the festival’s history. The people of Southport fully embraced the festival and clearly demonstrated why we are “the happiest seaside town in America.” Thank you, Southport, for your support, patience and welcoming attitude toward our many visitors. Our city has never looked better or been more welcoming.

  • Applause and thanks for Independence Day celebration in Calabash

    To the editor:

    There was a truly glorious Fourth of July at the Calabash riverfront this year. All thanks go to the towns of Carolina Shores and Calabash and our Calabash Fire Department and its volunteers. A terrific fireworks display was enjoyed by what must have been a crowd of several hundred. A beautiful evening with a lovely breeze off the water was enjoyed by all who gathered for the show.

  • Thank you from Sea Notes

    To the editor:

    I have had the pleasure and privilege of thanking you for your support and generosity each concert season. When Sea Notes performed its summer patriotic concert June 27-28 at Odell Williamson Auditorium, I again had that privilege.

  • Senior citizens losing funding

    To the editor:

    Please put a notice in your paper to the attention of all North Carolina senior citizens.

    We are losing funding for numerous benefits necessary to the well being of all of us.

    Please write, fax or email all of your local, state and federal representatives to support the Older Americans Act.

    Ruby Fowler

    Anthony L. Rapposelli

    Oak Island

  • Shark bite information helps others

    To the editor:

    Thanks for guest columnist Eric Johnson’s knowledgeable piece on sharks in last week’s edition.

  • Ag Gag bill and outcome were for public show

    To the editor:

    The House and Senate voted to override Gov. Pat McCrory’s veto of the Whistleblower Bill, aka Ag Gag Bill.

    I realize the entire show was a joke to them, as it was orchestrated to fool the voter anyway. McCrory is falling behind in popularity and needed a boost. This was meant to make voters think our elected officials actually cared about what we think. I was not fooled, but I am, once again, disappointed in my state politics.

  • Captain’s shark claims unfounded

    To the editor:

    An article in last week’s Beacon contains claims by a local charter boat captain intended to scare people into increasing the current one-per-boat-per-day limit on killing sharks. The captain says shark attacks will increase because anglers aren’t allowed to kill more sharks. He suggests sharks are multiplying so fast that “they are damaging the ecosystem.”

  • Use of beach space at issue

    To the editor:

    I read with interest the letter from Phillip Kent Barbalace regarding the commercial cabanas at Sunset Beach in last week’s Beacon. I, too, have seen cabanas that have been set up early and no one using them for hours.