• Neighborhood efforts deserve support, praise

    To the editor:

    I wanted to respond to Duane Lewis’ letter in the March 9 edition. While it is obvious he is passionate about his feelings toward Sunset Beach Town Council members, he also made some inflammatory remarks about the homeowners in Sunset Lakes.

    In no way does Mr. Lewis represent the HOA. Yes, he was the past chairman of the HOA, but he does not sit on the HOA board. Four of five streets were affected by the road blown out during Hurricane Matthew. The road Mr. Lewis lives on was not part of the affected neighborhood.

  • Defunding program doesn’t meet common good

    To the editor:

    The Trump administration released a preliminary 2018 budget proposal March 16, and we could use one.

    In the past, I’ve written about policies with bad outcomes. Today, I’d like to say a few words about what drives policies. Meals On Wheels brought this to mind.

  • Trump should set example

    To the editor:

    Dear President Trump, I am a registered Independent who supports your efforts to bring jobs back to America.

  • Endless caterwauling

    To the editor:

    The endless caterwauling over immigration that obsesses the dysfunctional media, sophomoric political pundits and many of both political parties can be dismissed by answering two questions: First, can morally justifiable reasons exist for excluding or ejecting some people from our country? Second, if there are, who has the right to make such decisions?

  • Politicians’ take on health insurance is sickening

    To the editor:

    Every time I hear a politician say, “lowering deductibles will lower premiums,” I want to throw a shoe at the TV screen. I have been selling health insurance for 25 years and I have to tell you the opposite is true.

  • Common sense hard to find

    To the editor:

    It has been awhile since I found myself among so many ignorant people as when I attended Congressman David Rouzer’s March 6 town hall at Brunswick County Community College. Since my wife and I struggled so much to hear, we left. As we left, it occurred to me how ironic it was that so many people with warped minds would gather at a learning institution. Perhaps they wanted to register but discovered they would need to pay for their education as I did. Common sense and decency are not subjects being taught anyway.

  • Town council disrespects committee and science

    To the editor:

    During the Feb. 21 Sunset Beach Town Council discussion of the Sunset Beach Environmental Resource Committee (ERC), I found the behavior of three council members and the mayor to be hypocritical.

    Council interviewed, vetted, voted on then charged this committee of volunteer citizens with impeccable credentials to research, report and submit recommendations on the town’s dredging proposal. From the beginning, this group has always avoided personal opinions and let the science do the talking, raising the questions research brought forth.

  • Mardi Gras 4 Paws makes county better

    To the editor:

    On Feb. 28, we had the opportunity to attend Paws-Ability’s Mardi Gras 4 Paws party at Victoria’s Crab Shack at Ocean Isle Beach.

    It is so nice to live in a community where a local restaurant is willing to donate its business to host a fundraising party and the Sea and Sand Band donated its time and talent to help a local nonprofit in efforts to improve Brunswick County.

    Money raised by Paws-Ability at this party will be donated to a medical fund for Brunswick Search and Rescue dogs.

  • Sunset Beach Town Council needs to be pro-community

    To the editor:

    Why is Sunset Beach Town Council so caught up in bans, regulations, put-downs and anti-everything? It takes our tax money, applies it unequally to projects that do not benefit those who pay it and complains about being underfunded.

    The spring season is upon us and a flurry of Canadians, getting an early start on summer, are descending on Myrtle Beach, S.C. Playing golf, toasting, eating and sleeping in our rentals is a commerce. Get it? Business and revenue, right? Hello!

  • Hostility is perpetuated by the left

    To the editor:

    Mrs. Teddy Altreuter almost got it right in her letter last week.

    There is no “atmosphere of hostility to immigrants and refugees” in America, except as perpetuated by the left. The vast majority of Americans welcome immigrants (here legally) and refugees (well vetted).

    The 9/11 event was not an anomaly, but handwriting on the wall — a precursor of 14 more tragedies like Fort Hood, the Boston marathon and San Bernardino. Breaking the law has consequences. Law-abiding citizens and criminals understand the concept.