• Sunset Beach should ban third-party privatization

    To the editor:

    Our family has been homeowners in Sunset Beach since April 2006. The main reason we decided to buy here was the special natural beauty of the beach on the island.

    Our beach with its high dunes and white sand, its vistas and abundant wildlife has a sense of openness, spaciousness and naturalness not often found on other beaches in our area. It should be accessible to everyone.

  • N.C. citizens must oppose Senate Bill 875

    To the editor:

    We join the growing chorus opposing Senate Bill 875 proposed by Sen. Bill Rabon. It is wrong for a senator, our representative, to unilaterally propose to de-annex portions of our town of Sunset Beach without any consultation with the town administration, town council or the town citizens.

  • Move back to a blue state

    To the editor:

    I moved to North Carolina to get away from a place depicted in the 1981 movie, “Escape from New York.”

    In New York, illegal aliens may find sanctuary with no police involvement, people with male genitalia can use women’s restrooms and the city council sought to dismiss 700,000 warrants for minor violations to accommodate low-level criminals. It is one of the highest taxed states in the country.

  • Show Choir makes us proud

    To the editor:

    I had the privilege to chaperone West Brunswick High School’s Show Choir at their state competition last month in the Winston-Salem area.

    What talented young men and women! They were a well-behaved and respectful group of young people. They were respectful to each other, to the chaperones, to the other show choirs and to their teacher, Ms. Annette Harton.

  • North Carolina is regressing

    To the editor:

    I retired in North Carolina thinking it was a great state to live out the rest of my life.

    Today I am not so sure, now that registered voters have to show a picture ID or they are turned away and not allowed to vote and everyone has to show a birth certificate in order to go to a restroom.

    It seems like a police state rather than the warm, friendly one I thought it was 25 years ago.

    Susan Scherer


  • Building on land you don’t own

    To the editor:

    Once again certain members of Sunset Beach’s planning board and town council have shown their stupidity. Everyone except these few people know that you cannot build on land you don’t own.

    But if they get their way, reasonable people (me included) will build structures on the driveways of Lou De Vita, Carol Scott, Pete Larkin, Grady Richardson and Len Steiner to block them from getting to meetings. Under their proposal, they would have no recourse, as we can build without owning their lands.

  • Thank you for Brunswick Toy Run support

    To the editor:

    Just want to say thanks to our sponsors and the 60 participants of the Brunswick County Toy Run’s Spring Poker Run.

    The event started at Wal-Mart and was escorted 50 miles by Brunswick County Sheriff Office to Brunswick Island Baptist Church where we enjoyed lunch donated by the church.

    We were able to raise $3,000 to help finance our Christmas shopping with children from Brunswick Family Assistance.

  • Vote in honor of our service members

    To the editor:

    Memorial Day is the day we set aside as a nation to remember those who have served our country in war and peacetime. It is also the time to consider who our next president will be.

    Let us come together and remember the highest honor we can pay our service members is to vote in the next election. It is not only our duty and responsibility, but it is privilege.

    So many have given their all so we remain free to vote. So hold your nose, and vote.

    Mim McDermott

    Sunset Beach

  • Senate Bill 875 sets bad precedent

    To the editor:

    Sen. Bill Rabon has filed a bill (SB 875) with the General Assembly that proposes to de-annex from Sunset Beach to Brunswick County three areas within the town limits of Sunset Beach. These areas are Sunset Beach West, Palm Cove and Sunset Creek Commons. Neither the Sunset Beach Town Council nor Brunswick County knew anything about this bill prior to the senator’s phone call to Sunset Beach Town Mayor Ron Watts last Wednesday, May 11.

  • Senator’s proposal bad for people of Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    I am strongly opposed to Senate Bill 875 which state Sen. Bill Rabon introduced May 11. This is not in the interest of the citizens of Brunswick County and certainly not in the interest of homeowners and taxpayers of Sunset Beach.

    The only reason I can see Rabon would propose such a bill is to allow a developer to proceed with an attempt to spoil the wetlands and Bird Island by attempting to convince Brunswick County to reverse the decision by Sunset Beach citizens and their town council that the town owns the west end of Main Street.