• Community members show generosity again

    To the editor:

    Last Thursday, Richard and Gail Eury called me saying they felt compelled to help the victims of flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

    They, Kevin and Tracey Hickman, my wife Shawnna and I started getting the wheels turning. I called and got permission from the town of Shallotte to use Rourk Gardens for a setup area, with Dawn Ashton making fliers, posting on Facebook and helping Deb Knox collect goods from WT Cox Information Services.

  • Support the school bond

    Editor’s note: The writer is a Brunswick County Board of Education candidate for district 4.

    To the editor:

    I trust all the fine citizens of Brunswick County want and support quality public education.

    Good schools enrich our community and its economy. If there were proposed a cost-effective way to improve our schools and give our students the facilities they need and provide our educators the environment in which to best teach, would we not support it?

  • Support HB 930 to end puppy mills in our state

    To the editor:

    Why do we still have puppy mills in North Carolina? Two years ago, the state House passed and the governor supported HB 930 to ban the obscene, abusive and horrific business of over-breeding dogs in inhumane conditions.

    How many more puppy mills have to be busted before this bill will be voted on by the Senate? How many more dogs need to suffer and die? This bill is supported by 90 percent of voters.

  • Give Trump a chance

    To the editor:

    No matter which way you lean, understand all candidates are not perfect, but the bottom line is if you want a president who will have open borders, appoint judges who will not follow the Constitution, who will allow enormous numbers of people to enter our country without knowing who they are or their intentions and one who wants to tax your investments and 401Ks and finally who will shut down coal and not take advantage of all the energy that exists in our own country, then vote them into office.

  • Help solve state’s puppy mill problem

    To the editor:

    Recently I held a little poodle with no teeth and no lower jaw because of a lack of medical care. Her tongue hangs out permanently. I held another poodle whose fur was matted and caked with dried feces and urine. This is the way many puppy mill animals live.

    When is it going to stop? When people stop buying that cute little dog or cat from a pet store, from the side of the road or from a Wal-Mart parking lot. Also, when our state lawmakers introduce and pass a bill to stop animal suffering and put puppy mill owners out of business.

  • McCrory’s Trump endorsement is appalling

    To the editor:

    Recently, Gov. Pat McCrory said he considered Donald Trump to be a good role model for our children. Does McCrory think a bigoted racist misogynist is a good role model for our children?

    The tape of Trump bragging he can sexually assault women and get away with it has flooded the media recently. Previously, Trump disparaged a respected judge for having Mexican heritage, encouraged open discrimination against American Muslims, and Muslims in general, he insulted all Mexicans, and disparaged African-Americans.

  • Kudos to all involved in Sunset at Sunset

    To the editor:

    We would like to thank our craft vendors, food vendors and nonprofits for their participation in the 10th annual Sunset at Sunset Festival. We hope your day was enjoyable and profitable.

    This year’s record-breaking crowds were amazing and we hope you enjoyed the day. Your support of the festival and our vendors means the world to us.

  • Vote ‘no’ on school bond

    To the editor:

    I received a copy of a handout that Brunswick County schools recently sent home with all the children in the district on its proposed $152 million bond. They don’t use the words “vote for the bond” but they are skating dangerously close. I am concerned about this because it seems biased for the bond using our tax dollars and our children to promote it.

  • Thank you, Sunset Beach, for excellent storm response

    To the editor:

    We wanted to send an open letter of appreciation to the entire Sunset Beach community following the wrath of Hurricane Matthew.

    As out-of-town owners of rental property on Sunset Beach island, we were concerned our beachfront cottage may have been damaged by the storm. Even in the midst of the approaching storm, Sunset Properties arranged to have our cottage cleaned when the prior renter departed early because of the evacuation.

  • American Legion Post 186 takes stand on flag

    To the editor:

    American Legion Post 186 took a stand at its October membership meeting. Any sports team that has or will display disrespectful postures during the playing of the National Anthem will have their team’s games banned from being televised in American Legion Post 186. The American Legion’s preamble to its Constitution includes, “to foster and perpetuate a 100 percent Americanism.” We encourage every patriotic organization, veteran, child of a veteran or just someone who is proud to be an American First, to stand with us.