• If Clinton were elected

    To the editor:

    I know exactly what will happen with her. It’s worse than what I don’t know will happen with him.

    If Hillary Rodham Clinton were to be elected president of the United States, the fundamentals of the nation’s foundation would be irretrievably destroyed, a disintegration already in the making with the Obama administration.

  • When do we need Jesus?

    To the editor:

    To answer the question, “do we need Jesus,” we must consider our need for Jesus not only in this life, but the life hereafter.

    I have heard of people saying, “It is great that you think you need Jesus, but I am fine, thank you.”

  • Vote for $152M school bond referendum

    To the editor:

    Brunswick County has placed a $152 million bond referendum for education on this year’s ballot. Don’t wait until you go to vote to learn about this very important issue. Visit the schools’ website and educate yourself.

  • Clinton deserves a fair shake

    To the editor:

    It’s time for Donald Trump and his supporters to stop maligning Hillary Clinton and start examining Trump and his past performance.

    Trump’s record is full of lies, innuendos, exaggerations and bullying. Many of his business ventures have gone broke. Trump University was a sham that charged almost $35,000 in tuition and went out of business after multiple lawsuits. Trump has never admitted his mistakes.

  • Thank you for 9/11 event participation and protection

    To the editor:

    I offer my sincere thanks to all the fine people who took part in the 911 memorial service Sunday, Sept. 11, including VFW of Calabash, American Legion 503, American Legion Auxiliary, Calabash Elks, Calabash Elks bingo players, Calabash Lions and Shallotte Elks, and a special thanks to the Shallotte Police Department for looking out for our safety.

    Vito Ramaglia,

    event coordinator

    Sunset Beach

  • BFA warrants continued support from community

    To the editor:

    Brunswick Family Assistance received unfavorable publicity recently arising from the abrupt departure of its newly hired executive director.

  • Seek God’s guidance when voting

    To the editor:

    In a paradox of power, we saw God at work Sept. 14.

    As Donald Trump stood speaking to the people of Flint, Mich., boasting and launching another vicious attack on Hillary Clinton, the Rev. Faith Green Timmons, pastor of Bethel United Methodist Church, approached him at the podium with gentle respect, firmly reminding him of his purpose and carefully reining him in. The Rev. Timmons is the only person yet to have the courage and the spiritual confidence to set limits on the mighty Donald Trump, the man who seems to believe he himself is God!

  • Thank you for supporting Casino Night for Charity

    To the editor:

  • Credit McCrory for state’s economy

    To the editor:

    I rarely agree with Vice President Joe Biden, but he was right when he came to North Carolina this week and highlighted the improving economy in the state.

    The latest analytics have North Carolina as one of the top five states to do business, and our tax climate has jumped from an abysmal 44th to a much more respectable 15th. While the national recovery is still considered one of the worst in history, all of this positive growth in North Carolina has occurred under Gov. Pat McCrory.

  • Cooper doesn’t stand up for law enforcement

    To the editor:

    I have been wondering: Does North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper really stand up for law enforcement? Last week’s endorsement of Gov. Pat McCrory by the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association answers that for me.