• Things to ponder in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    I have been coming to Sunset Beach for 40 years. I have anticipated and seen a lot of changes.
    I recently took the opportunity to drive around, get out of the car, and look at some of the changes that have been talked about in the Beacon. I couldn’t help but wonder about the planned traffic circle as the survey crew was there.
    Where I am from, we have a lot of traffic circles; some work well, but most confuse older, slower folks who seem to need to stop to get their nerve and timing up.

  • Amusing and sad

    To the editor:
    I had hoped that the congressional hearing Oct. 30 would concentrate on ways to fix “glitches” in the website (Healthcare.gov) for the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
    Unfortunately, some members of Congress spent too much time making “odd” references to the movie, “Wizard of Oz.” It was both amusing and sad that the same politicians who cost this country $24 billion with a government shutdown over the funding of the ACA were now shedding crocodile tears because citizens could not get policies through the federal website.

  • No regard for litter

    To the editor:
    A few weeks ago, the Beacon had an editorial concerning roadside litter. It would be interesting to see how many tickets have been issued, how many people have gone to court and how many fines issued. I’m betting on none.
    From the amount of litter, it’s inconceivable that law enforcement has never viewed litter being thrown. I’ve seen litter thrown in front of law enforcement cars with no reaction from the officers.

  • Liberal paints inaccurate picture

    To the editor:
    A friend once told me to never attempt to have an intellectual conversation with a liberal. They are incapable of using facts and instead will simply call you a racist and a bigot. Writer Duane Lewis of Sunset Beach proves this theory (Oct. 31 edition of the Beacon). I won’t waste time repeating his racist writings but instead will state fact.
    People upset with the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) are not happy because:
    • They cannot keep their current plan as the president promised.

  • Another ghost story

    To the editor:
    Kudos to Sam Hickman on his Halloween story in the Beacon on Oct. 31; however, he probably had not heard of the old Gause Vault that is also near Ocean Isle.
    While a school kid, long before Ocean Isle was thought of, two of my friends and I mustered up the courage to visit the old funerary tomb. History writers tell us that President George Washington dropped in on the old patriarch, William Gause, while on his Southern tour in 1791, so we know he was of the “landed gentry.”

  • What it is

    To the editor:
    Scholar R.C. Sproul said that America’s definition of God is: “It is what it is.”
    There are some who believe God is whoever you think he is. Others believe that all religions are basically the same. Did you ever hear someone say, “My God would never do this or that?”

  • Thanks for the tow

    To the editor:
    Recently on a Sunday afternoon, I had the misfortune of having a breakdown while en route to a client’s home (I work for a home health agency).
    I got a lift to my client’s house and completed my shift. While there, I was trying to make arrangements for a tow when I left for the evening. I contacted a certain tow company from Supply (closest to me) and was trying to make arrangements to be picked up near my client’s house, as we are not allowed pick-ups or drop-offs at a client’s home.

  • “For Everyone I See”

    To the editor:
    “For Everyone I See”
    Holiday season moves
    Softly into my heart
    And I feel a part
    Of something grander,
    Something sweeter
    Even ineffably beyond the sound
    Of the Salvation Army kettle bells,
    Beyond butterfly kisses of children
    Sitting on Kringle’s lap at the mall
    Beyond all smells of still-hot sugar cookies
    And I look for and find kind comfort in
    The Infinite Mystery — Majesty,
    Who allows me to take another Frosted breath

  • Affordable Care Act isn’t affordable for everyone

    To the editor:
    The Affordable Care Act has just hit home for my wife.
    How they could possibly name it “affordable” is beyond us.
    Her monthly premium for identical coverage has jumped from $361 with a $2,500 deductible to $767 with a $2,400 deductible.
    I suppose the extra $4,872 yearly will fund many of the people who will receive subsidies, but at age 59, she will now have maternity and pediatric care, which we surely will need.
    President Obama promised change, and boy did we get it.

    James Wheeler

  • All Sunset Beach candidates worth civility at forum

    To the editor:
    I’ve addressed thousands of groups all over the world, but I’ve never seen any audience anywhere behave as disrespectfully as my Sunset Beach neighbors did at the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce’s recent Sunset Beach candidates forum.
    Somehow, a large part of the highly partisan crowd decided that a particular candidate’s answer period was the perfect opportunity for them to hurl jeers and catcalls.
    Where did we learn this kind of behavior? Has some kind of sickness infected Sunset Beach?