• Coping with Carolina Shores traffic issues

    To the editor:

    I would like to comment on story penned by staff writer Laura Lewis in the Towns section of the Jan. 12 edition. In it, she described the concern of Carolina Shores residents between Country Club Drive and Persimmon Road about the increase of traffic on Carolina Parkway between these two roads.

  • American history notes lacrosse origins

    To the editor:

    Today, the athletic fields around the country are crowded with future lacrosse stars.

    Lacrosse has been played for hundreds of years by Native Americans and has become a staple of American sport.

    The first American tribes had no written language for the game that many years later would be known as lacrosse.

    What we know about the game was transmitted by word of mouth. Some American tribes insisted their version was the original, having been received as a gift from the Spirit of the Creator.

  • A tribute to President Obama

    To the editor:

    Had been born so I could survive,

    Then continue on and remain alive.

    Being thankfully giving God praise,

    Did things that others would amaze.

    Must accomplish much and don’t abort,

    Making sure I never sell myself short.

    Giving credit to them who do deserve,

    Off righteous path shall not swerve.

    Many gave comfort and support to me

    Here in land of brave and home of free.

    Sometimes I might ever create static

  • Thank you for thoughtfulness

    To the editor:

    A heartfelt thank you to the thoughtful person who turned in my driver’s license and credit card to the courtesy desk at Lowes Foods in Ocean Isle Beach.

    It saved us cutting short our holiday here in Sunset Beach and returning home to Canada to obtain replacements.

    My family and I are very grateful and greatly relieved.

    William Huxley

    Niagara Falls, Ontario

  • Help provide ‘Coats for Kids’

    To the editor:

    Are you aware we have many children in our county who do not have a coat to wear in cold weather?

    Our church, Shallotte Church of Christ, has launched a new program called Coats for Kids. Our goal is a winter coat for every child in our county. We are asking for your help to achieve this goal. We will rely on our school administrators to tell us if they have a child without a warm coat to wear, and your help to do the same.

  • Declare in faith God’s glory

    To the editor:

    With praise on our lips and thanksgiving in our hearts, we declare in faith the glory, blessing and lordship of Jesus Christ over the New Year from the beginning to the end of 2017.

    We go into the year with trust that God’s presence is going with us as his presence went with the children of Israel, taking them toward the promised land. We extol the name of the Lord and invite the Holy Spirit to accompany us every day of the coming year.

  • Intelligence community is an oxymoron

    To the editor:

  • Listen to sound reason

    To the editor:

  • Hacking theories abound

    To the editor:

    This past Sunday was Jan. 8 of the New Year and we’ve just gone through the most contentious election in our republic’s history — at least the most contentious one I remember, and I have been through a lot of them — and are waiting around for the new president’s inauguration.

  • Thank you, BFA donor businesses

    To the editor:

    Brunswick Family Assistance thanks all who supported the annual Christmas Distribution Program this year:

    Wal-Mart in Shallotte and Southport; Brunswick County Association of Realtors, which donated nearly $17,695, BCAR Affiliate Committee and BCAR staff; David Berne, Happi and Bruce Moore, Atlantic Realty Professionals; Mary McBride, Carolina Exclusives; Pat Coye, Carolina Plantations; Century 21 Sunset & Sunset McClure; Brendan Gordon, Coastal Development & Realty;