• No fear or sadness

    To the editor:

    When we think about what heaven is like, some would consider streets of gold and mansions. Can we also consider there will be no sin?

    What will life be like with no sin? There will be no murder, stealing, lying, hatred and strife. Let us imagine a life with no fear, sadness, sickness, greed, hunger, thirst, pain and, of course, no death.

    There will be no unbelief (for faith will become sight), no using the Lord’s name in vain. No blasphemy, deceit, backsliding, anxiety, jealousy.

  • Thank you for supporting PEP

    To the editor:

    On behalf of Paws-Ability’s Pet Education Program (PEP), I would like to acknowledge and thank the sponsors who helped to make this program possible.

    Sheriff John Ingram, First Bank, Brunswick Electric Membership Corp. and the Shallotte Rotary Club sponsored the startup of this program and allowed us to enter elementary schools in 2015 and 2016. Ed Hartnett of the South Brunswick Islands Rotary Club funded the program for Waccamaw School in 2016.

  • Repeal Obamacare

    To the editor:

    The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was never affordable!

    Plans in Georgia, on average, have increased 32 percent for 2017. In Arizona, 116 percent, and right here in North Carolina, we are poised for a 24 percent rate hike.

    Despite Obama’s promises, my personal plan was cancelled at an affordable $450 a month when Obamacare was implemented.

  • End animal neglect, cruelty in our state

    To the editor:

    The controversial issue of puppy and kitten mills and animal neglect in our state has been an ongoing item of debate for more than 10 years. In that amount of time, hundreds of puppies, kittens, cats and dogs have died from neglect, disease and exposure to the elements. Numerous bills have been presented to both the House and Senate with little result. While these bills have been passed from committee to committee in Raleigh over the years, defenseless animals have continued to die.

  • When did we take Christ out of Christmas?

    To the editor:

    I, for one, would like to see more about the birth of our savior than what the stores have on sale on Black Friday, which now extends to a whole week. Have we forgotten our savior in favor of the almighty dollar?

    It seems many churches have abandoned the nativity pageant in favor of a cantata. Though I love the music, I miss the little angels singing “Away in a Manger.” I even miss the older folks filling in when there are so few children.

  • Ministry makes a marvelous Christmas program for children

    To the editor:

    Who can take 57 children, infants to 4-year-olds, and create an awesome Christmas program? Well, that would be the Camp United Methodist Church Mother’s Morning Out Ministry.

    Radio City Music Hall cannot compete with the celebration of “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas,” only to find his heart, make friends and have a celebration with the birth of Jesus. The entire program and the set were awesome.

  • Will always miss Jane

    To the editor:

    (Jane was a member of St. James Episcopal Choir. She dedicated funds to the choir for purchase of singing material.)

    Was Friday morning and found much frost,

    Another woman from parish we lost,

    Which Father Dave did mention today,

    She died and to heaven has gone away.

    No matter what, we shall miss her so,

    Much more then you will ever know.

    When she died, great face was glowing,

    She knew where she would be going.

    To heaven she went to see her Lord

  • Rejoice in God’s love

    To the editor:

    Who, what is God? He has answered that question and in so doing enabled us to see and understand, albeit through a darkened glass (1 Corinthians 13:12).

  • NHBMC team supports community

    To the editor:

    This year has been a milestone for Novant Health Brunswick Medical Center. We celebrated our 10th year with Novant Health and our fifth year in our new facility. We have made a lot of strides as an organization, and I know we could not have done it without the dedication of our team members.

  • Thank you, teachers

    To the editor:

    Teachers help steer the course of our future generation of leaders from the front lines of our very broken educational system. They witness the depths of despair on a daily basis. However, there are sparkling moments that shine brightly with a glimmer of hope they can instill in their students a good solid foundation of learning that will impact their lives for years to come.