• Sad farewell to too many trees

    To the editor:
    Sadly, some really beautiful trees, which once stood so magnificently in Sunset Beach Town Park, are gone, cut down last week in preparation for construction of the new park. Our tax dollars paid for the removal of these trees.

  • A positive event

    To the editor:
    Congratulations to organizers of the Sunset at Sunset festival for a very successful and well-organized event. It was obvious that a lot of time and effort went into planning it. The event really reflected the positive community spirit of Sunset Beach. I’m sorry the Beacon did not give it more coverage.

    Karen Fowler
    Chapel Hill

  • Party of slavery

    To the editor:

  • Sunset at Sunset another success

    To the editor:
    The annual Sunset at Sunset community block party did exactly what it was designed to do when first introduced seven years ago: Bring together the people of Sunset Beach for a day of celebration.
    It was sponsored by 30 local business owners. Many other businesses purchased booth space and area nonprofits were able to tell the community about their programs.
    Seaside United Methodist supplied volunteer manpower to erect tents and direct parking. Boy Scout Troop 201 performed community service by cleaning up the site.

  • Remember to recycle

    To the editor:
    I applaud and support the letter from Pat Purvis Brown regarding the lack of a recycling capability as she attended the ATMC annual meeting gathering.
    I, too, attended that affair as well as the 15th anniversary celebration of the town of Carolina Shores the previous week. Both events were conducted on the grounds of Brunswick Community College, and both were catered by the same local restaurant.

  • Where did all the money go?

    To the editor:
    With many towns wanting a Toll Brothers or other developers of luxury homes to bring higher-priced homes into retirement communities and support home values, it appears to me Sunset Beach Town Council thinks differently and does not care.
    In fact, doing what is right for Jaguar’s Lair lot owners, the town’s image and appeal and its economic development appear to be a distraction, not a high priority, as the council continues to lose traction in negotiating infrastructure development of Jaguar’s Lair.

  • Warrior Ride lacked support

    To the editor:
    Shame on you, Calabash.
    On Friday, Oct. 4, we attended the Warriors Ride along the main street of Calabash. The warriors were welcomed and thanked by all standing along the route.
    But shame on all the businesses along the route, as well as the town of Calabash, for ignoring the great honor of hosting by not properly advertising or properly decorating this very special event.

    Audrey Valant
    Little River, S.C.

  • A clean sweep in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    Ask any contractor when things are really messed up, the best solution is to just rip it all out and start from scratch. The Sunset Beach Town Council is messed up beyond repair. On Nov. 5, we have a once in four years chance to rip it out and bring governmental sanity back to Sunset Beach.
    Let’s review. Our council gave us an unwanted and unneeded park — ignoring opposition from taxpayers and the press that, at best, is worth half the $2.6 million in tax dollars paid for it. Add another million for planned lavish development.

  • Keep council intact

    To the editor:
    I want to echo the letter by Mr. John Corbett in last week’s edition.
    The current council for Sunset Beach is one of the finest I’ve witnessed in the past 10 years for our town. All of them have done a fine job, many times in the face of much unwarranted and baseless criticisms by some citizens and one elected official, who seem to delight not only in disharmony, but also in an ineffective and inefficient government.

  • Garbage change potential stinker

    To the editor:
    My wife and I live in Charlotte (and subscribe to The Beacon) and have a place (and pay taxes on) in Seaside Station of Sunset Beach, where we like to enjoy long weekends. During the last weekend of September, we found a yellow flier in our screen door stating to “maintain costs,” Saturday garbage pick-ups beginning Oct. 3 will now occur on Thursdays.