• Park land purchase doesn’t meet pressing county needs

    To the editor:

    In regard to the article in last week’s Beacon about county commission activities, I am particularly concerned about the $3.5 million park property purchase near Holden Beach.

  • Kudos to employees who completed ECHO program

    To the editor:

    This year, Grand Strand Medical Center was honored to have the opportunity to offer a professional development program to current employees. The Expanding Your Career and Healthcare Opportunities (ECHO) program is designed to help adults advance in their skills with training for the next step in their careers.

    In the class, participants completed the following categories: patient safety and satisfaction; medical terminology; and critical thinking skills. Current employees applied and were awarded one of 10 seats in the 12-week program.

  • Cartoon insensitive to flotilla organizers

    To the editor:

    I am writing in response to the cartoon regarding the Ocean Isle Beach flotilla that was published in your latest edition. I am the mother/mother-in-law of Michelle and Charles Griffin, who along with others organize the flotilla. I have an inside view of the amount of effort that is necessary for this wonderful event to occur.

  • Remember why America is exceptional

    To the editor

    As anger erupts like volcanoes around the globe and people march demanding human rights (often to their peril), maybe it’s time to reflect on what it truly means to be an American.

    We pride ourselves on being exceptional, but are we really? As the gap between the have and have-nots continues to grow in the wealthiest nation in the world, more children go to bed hungry every night, to our great shame.

  • Boat owner should bear removal cost

    To the editor:

    I read the article about plans to remove the half-sunken shrimp boat in the Intracoastal Waterway near the Holden Beach bridge. What caught my eye was the plan by the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners to help pay for this with taxpayer money.

  • Schools need consistency, continuity

    To the editor:

    Nine school superintendents in 30 years? The longest surviving and one of the best, Marion Wise, served just six years.

    If you want a high performing, results-driven organization, you must have consistency and continuity of leadership. Brunswick County Schools, the students, teachers, principals and staff deserve this.

    The board would be well served by having the North Carolina School Boards Association not just assist in the new search, but also in assessing the board’s inability to retain good leaders for the long term.

  • Students’ concert, supporters merit thanks

    To the editor;

    I want to congratulate all of the students who were chosen to participate in the honor chorus concert Nov. 2 at Brunswick Community College and to those of you who sing and weren’t chosen.

  • Pruden’s ouster the work of mules, not thoroughbreds

    To the editor:

    Allow me to express my reaction to the dismissal of Ed Pruden as superintendent of Brunswick County Schools. Big mistake … terrible decision. What gives me the right to express my opinion to the mishandling of this situation? I believe there are two reasons that explain my right and opportunity to question this decision. First reason is my academic background and the second is my acquaintance with Pruden.

  • Shine light on school activities

    To the editor:

    Recent articles in the Beacon on education, local schools and the board of education meetings offered the community important facts that affect our most important asset: our children.

    In many cases, if not for the reporting by the Beacon staff, parents, grandparents and others would not be aware of these issues. Thank you for keeping a watchful eye for your readers.

  • Pray for our military, our nation’s healing

    To the editor:

    During this Thanksgiving and Christmas season, we pray for all the members of our armed forces, many of whom are serving far from home, away from their families.

    May the spirit of God comfort them and their loved ones. May they continually know angelic protection. We pray they be filled with supernatural joy and thanks.

    Let our loving prayers especially reach out to our wounded warriors and their families as they journey toward restoration and healing. May there be provision for all of their needs.