• Town should surrender its recycling center

    To the editor:

    After reading the article on the Carolina Shores recycling center (the dump) employee and the utter stupidity of the complaints, I have decided it is time for the entire maintenance staff and its supervisor to be replaced by a competent organization like Waste Industries.

  • Face the Obamacare music

    To the editor:

    The story about county employees facing a big increase in their health insurance is just another example of how Obamacare is affecting the cost and quality of health care throughout the U.S.

    I just hope the county does not pass its health care costs to the residents of the county.

    Hunker down and face the music. For those who voted for a president who authorized this brave new world and who wants to share the wealth and distribute what we earned to someone who did not earn his keep, you are getting what you asked for.

  • BFA extends thanks to community

    To the editor:

    The board of directors and staff of Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) extend thanks and appreciation to the community for the outstanding support of our 2013 Annual Appeal and Christmas Program.

    As a result of the generosity and compassion of all who contributed to our Annual Appeal, our primary fundraising effort, we surpassed the amount we collected in the 2012 Annual Appeal, and we also exceeded our 2013 goal. This funding enables BFA to provide critical programs and services to our neighbors who are struggling during these hard economic times.

  • Answering to Rabon's voters

    To the editor:

    I was one of the people who attended the recently publicized meeting on proposed N.C. House Bill 930, also known as the puppy mill bill, on Jan. 16 with Sen. Bill Rabon. There are a few points I would like to clarify.

    1) The meeting was represented by voters in his district. No groups were represented or mentioned.

    2) A tape recorder was being held in the hand of one of Sen. Rabon’s constituents in the open, not hidden.

  • Taking issue with protest

    To the editor:

    This letter is in reference to Rev. William Barber’s moral meeting/protest in Raleigh over the weekend of Feb. 8. Let’s get one thing straight right off, and that is that this letter is not racial in nature. It is intended to include all races and nationalities.

    One of the things the reverend is upset about is the voter ID requirement. The reason he gives is that his “constituents” have no way to get to wherever the registration place might be.

  • Killed bill kills puppies

    To the editor:

    The Republican-led North Carolina legislature, said Sen. Phil Berger, has killed the puppy mill bill because someone in the group advocating the bill recorded a meeting with Sen. Bill Rabon in which he used profanity and some other ugly words. Then the news media got hold of it and publicized his bad behavior — his bad behavior, not the group’s.

  • Encounters with angels

    To the editor:

    Since Brunswick County Homeless Coalition (BCHC) organized, some members have volunteered to assist the United Way’s Point In Time (PIT) count of homeless in our county. This was our third year doing this, but the first time encountering guardian angels.

  • Citizens make up community

    To the editor:
    We are accused of extortion by Sen. Tom Apodaca and using a “disgusting tactic” by Gov. Pat McCrory, all because we made public a recording of a meeting with an elected official. The words on this recording speak volumes about the character of Sen. Bill Rabon. Power, control and “lots of money” are words mentioned, but never the word respect.

  • Thank you for giving

    To the editor:
    I would like to thank Shallotte area residents for their generosity in helping thousands of suffering children worldwide this past Christmas. Through their efforts, we were able to collect more than 24,000 shoeboxes — filled with toys, school supplies and hygiene items — for Operation Christmas Child, the world’s largest Christmas project of its kind. These simple gift-filled shoeboxes communicate to needy children that they are loved and not forgotten.

  • Respect beach residents’ property, safety

    To the editor:
    In the Jan. 10 Beacon, I read a letter by Janet Stallings concerning parking on Sunset Beach. She has joined a vast majority of mainland homeowners who express the same concern. To them I say: Life is made of choices and you are accountable for them.
    You can buy a parking pass, get to the beach early or later, or buy a residence on the beach. You all had the choice to buy a house on the beach and you chose not to. Many of us choose to pay a premium to live on the beach. I applaud the parking restrictions.