• Shallotte earns kudos for safe Christmas parade

    Each year the Shallotte Christmas Parade brings smiles to thousands of locals and people visiting our town. With more than 120 entries, the parade line goes on for several miles and it’s quite the sight to see.

  • Third of voters dictate politicians’ behavior

    To the editor:

    All of us have given in to the slight majority of the one-third who voted in the last election. Sixty-six percent, for whatever reason, remained silent and did not vote. Why be surprised that mules (according to letter to the editor writer Paul Swartz) are in charge of Brunswick County Schools? Why be surprised at the way schools get their funding, somehow dictated out of Raleigh? Politics seems to always take money from the weak, students who have no vote. Shame on the 66 percent who could vote, but did not.  

  • Tax-Aide publicity helps others

    To the editor:

    Last year, AARP Tax-Aide volunteers, working at five sites, helped more than 3,000 people in Brunswick County with preparing and filing their federal and state income tax returns. This year we hope to help more low- and moderate-income taxpayers to prepare and then electronically file their taxes at no cost.

    The Brunswick Beacon has been our most effective way to inform people of this free service and find qualified volunteers. We thank the Beacon’s editor and staff for their help in past years, now more than 20 at some sites in the county.

  • Rest in peace, Leon McCall

    To the editor:

    On Sunday, Dec. 14, heaven accepted a true angel and we here on earth bid farewell to a true gentleman and a very gentle man. I never knew Roy Leon McCall’s last name, but I knew him for his kindness to others. It did not matter where I saw Mr. Leon; he had the same smile and greeting, whether it was at Wal-Mart, Hill’s Foods or at the service station. Mr. Leon spoke and knew me by name. It is the many people in our community who should be thanking the McCall family for this wonderful gift that was shared for so many years.

  • Thank you, Shallotte, for great parade

    To the editor:

    I felt I needed to thank the people of Shallotte and Mayor Walter Eccard for allowing the surrounding communities to enjoy a great Saturday morning viewing a wonderful Christmas parade filled with a variety of entries. The weather was good, as the crowd enjoyed the entertainment provided along with all the candy being thrown to the crowd of little ones. I noticed some big kids enjoying the treats, too. It was great to see something being offered to all where there was no admission. Something free!

  • Please keep parking free on Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    I was dismayed to read the town of Sunset Beach was “turning toward” paid parking at the beach — $2 per hour or $8 a day. Why? Is it to make money for the town?

    The proposal outlined would entail hiring an outside management company for $500 per month, plus two full-time enforcement employees. Looks like an expensive proposition to me.

  • Sunset Beach audit raises concerns

    I’m concerned the Beacon’s Dec. 4 headline, “Sunset Beach gets an ‘above average’ audit,” may be misinterpreted by the taxpayers into believing the town’s finances are healthy.

  • BFA consistently generous

    To the editor:

    We like to think of the season around Christmas as one that is characterized by generosity. Today, we, the Greater Shallotte Ministerial Association, would like to commend an organization whose season for generosity has been continuous for the past 33 years.

  • Thank you, Realtors association

    To the editor:

    On Thursday evening, Dec. 4, the members and staff of the Brunswick County Association of Realtors presented 87 bicycles and helmets to Brunswick Family Assistance. The value of these bikes is more than $7,500. The bicycles will be randomly distributed to eligible children participating in the annual BFA Christmas distribution program.

    This is the third year in a row the generosity of BCAR and its members will as a special type of joy for deserving children in Brunswick County.

  • Flotilla cartoon ‘ridiculous’

    To the editor:

    Shame on you, Brunswick Beacon! What in the world were you thinking when you published the ridiculous cartoon about the Ocean Isle Beach flotilla in the Dec. 4 edition?