• Thank you for donations benefitting Wounded Warriors

    To the editor:

    The Sea and Sand Band performed recently at the Veterans’ Memorial dedication at Sunset Beach Town Park and would like to thank everyone from Sea Trail, Brunswick County and the Sunset Beach community for their donations to the Wounded Warriors project.

    Donations totaling $426 were collected and will be used to support our women and men in the armed forces who have sacrificed so much for our country.

    Thanks for your support of this event. It was an honor to be a part of it, and we hope to see you again soon.

  • Thanks for Thanksgiving contributions

    To the editor:

    Waccamaw School would like to thank the VFW and the Willis family for their donations of Thanksgiving meals to families in our community.

    Dwight Willis and wife, Becky, donated a Thanksgiving meal in a basket. VFW members Jim Harrington and Andy Shoddy delivered seven Thanksgiving meals.

    Thank you for your generosity and your support of our community.

    Katherine Ingram, Waccamaw School parent facilitator


  • Tide has changed in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    At the Sunset Beach Nov. 17 workshop, council voted to carry over discussion of the procedure to fill a vacant council seat to Dec. 14. The motion that passed included provisions to delay the selection until January, allowing interested parties to submit resumes for the seat. There was a potential bomb in the discussion leading up to the vote. Councilman Lou De Vita wants the two recently ousted councilmen to participate in the selection process.

  • Shame on graveyard vase thieves

    To the editor:

    As I visited my grandmother’s grave this holiday season, my flowers will have to lie on the ground because someone stole the bronze vase. All the vases have been stolen from this cemetery.

    Not only would I like to see the person caught for stealing them, I would love to know who in the world is buying them. To be sure, they know they are stolen.

    Ugh! Thieves!

    Melissa Holden Milliken


  • Thank you for supporting charity event

    To the editor:

    Thank you to all who participated in the “Make It Bake It Sew It Grow It” charity auction held at Sea Trail Convention Center on Nov. 10.

    The annual event, presented by Sea Trail Garden Club, raised about $10,000 this year. The monies will be directed to local charities in Brunswick County.

  • Council members should listen to constituents

    To the editor:

    Following is an excerpt from an email Mayor Ron Watts sent to citizens he had heard from (myself included) regarding the appointment of a replacement for councilman Terry Johnson who conveniently resigned on Election Day: “It appears at this stage that a basic majority of three current council members intend to skip the recommendation of taking our time and establishing an application process, and instead plan to go ahead at Tuesday’s work session and appoint Mike Williams to fill the two years remaining in the term of the open position.”

  • Town’s voters have spoken

    To the editor:

    Opinion writer Bill Satterfield of Sunset Beach hit a grand “slam” (pun intended) in last week’s edition summing up the hows and whys of the highly contested selection process looming in Sunset Beach. Kudos also to those quoted in the (front page) story of the Towns section (Elaine Wright, Jim Thomas, et. al), for also being dead-on.

  • Fire ant mounds ruin landscape

    To the editor:

    My husband and I moved here in April. We love this area and especially the beauty of being on the coast.

    But when driving along U.S. 17, I get angry at seeing thousands of fire ant hills. I called the county about them and basically didn’t get an answer. I realize we can’t get rid of all of them, but can we try to decrease some? They seem to be multiplying by the millions.

    I hope more people will complain and maybe something will get done.

    T.J. May


  • Political posturing goes both ways

    To the editor:

    During the Sunset Beach Town Council workshop on Nov. 17, former councilwoman Karen Joseph called out ordinary citizens for using “politics and false arguments” while expressing their opinions and feelings regarding the filling of a vacant council seat. This is a person who for the four years of her lone council term accused anyone who disagreed with her viewpoint of injecting politics into the debate. Apparently her “discussing issues” is “political posturing” when the other side does it.

  • Make sure to clean up after your dogs

    To the editor:

    I’ve had dogs all my life. They give you unconditional love. It ticks me off when I walk my dogs to see dog poo not picked up. I hear so many intelligent people knock dogs because of this. Anyone who has half a brain knows the dog can’t pick it up and bag it. It’s the owner’s fault.

    Someone is walking on Shoreline Drive and Azalea Circle in Sunset Beach with a large dog, judging by the size of the poo, and not picking it up. They even left it lying in the road at one spot. Doesn’t look very nice.