• A fifth reason for not using signals

    To the editor:

    John Compraetto’s letter of March 10 regarding reasons why North Carolinians fail to use turn signals is pretty much on target. He listed four reasons: laziness, lack of consideration, ignorance and being a lawbreaker.

    They certainly all apply, but I’d suggest one additional reason. Too many of those lazy, inconsiderate ignorant lawbreakers’ hands are too busy with one on the wheel and the other on their cell phone.

  • Considering ‘lesser of two evils’ question

    To the editor:

    On his return flight to Italy from Mexico this year, Pope Francis was interviewed by journalists on several topics. One concerned the outbreak of the virus Zika, which has spread to the U.S.

  • Was Jesus raised from the dead?

    To the editor:

    Scripture presents conclusive evidence Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead (Matthew 28:1-20, Mark 16:1-20, Luke 24:1-53, John 20:1–21:25 and Acts 1:1-11). One proof of Christ’s resurrection is the dramatic change in the disciples. They went from men frightened and in hiding to strong, courageous witnesses sharing the gospel throughout the world. Second is the life of the apostle Paul. He was changed from a persecutor of the church into an apostle for the church when the risen Christ appeared to him on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-6).

  • Calabash town services staff deserve kudos

    To the editor:

    A special thank you to Pete Brokus and his team for all the hard work they do in the Calabash community. Recently, they began cleaning out culverts, ditches and areas that this town has had drainage problems with forever.

    The new jetter machine is amazing and very efficient — such a powerful machine! The jetter purchase was worth every penny spent and will pay for itself in the long run. I saw it in action firsthand and how quick and powerful it is.

  • Obama is no lame duck

    To the editor:

    Lame duck: 1) An official in the final period of office, after the successor is chosen; an elected officeholder during the period between the election and inauguration of a successor. 2) An ineffective or helpless person.

    If you read the most usual meaning of the term “lame duck,” the first definition, you will notice it contains the phrase “an official.” The second most frequently applicable definition does not contain the phrase “an official,” but rather refers to a person.

  • How to further differentiate political parties

    To the editor:

    In his letter to the editor March 3, Thomas McGrath stated “... the GOP prefers little or no ... labor rights for government ...

    Apparently, he means the GOP doesn’t support the unionization of federal workers. That’s true, and consistent with the opinion of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat, when he said federal unions negotiating for more money are federal unions negotiating for more tax money. Roosevelt called such practices “unthinkable and intolerable.”

  • Democrats have veered too far left

    To the editor:

    Tom McGrath, in his letter published March 3, continues the strategy (or last resort) of deception and lies.

    Capitalism: Adam Smith, in his historically acclaimed “Wealth of Nations,” warned against government interference with free trade, which is the GOP position. Democrats have taxed and regulated our economy into a fraction of its potential.

  • Four reasons for failing to use turn signals

    To the editor:

    Why in heaven’s name is it so difficult to use a turn signal here in North Carolina? It takes less energy to push that lever than take a deep breath. It is not only a law, but also a common courtesy to your fellow drivers. It is surely not very Christian to be disrespectful of others.

    I can only think of four reasons not to use a turn signal: 1) You are lazy. 2) You are inconsiderate. 3) You are simply a lawbreaker. 4) You are too ignorant to know you have to use one.

  • Vote Medlin for county commissioner

    To the editor:

    I am pleased to endorse Jim Medlin for the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners in the third district that represents the St. James, Southport, Supply and Oak Island area.

  • Victim pays for crimes in small claims court

    To the editor:

    I recently went to small claims court to sue someone for services that were paid for but not completed. He did not appear for the hearing, and the court entered a judgment for $1,120.

    This action cost me $125, and the only satisfaction I got was that a judgment order was entered. Now in order for me to collect the money, I will have to pay another $120 to take him back to court. There is still no guarantee I will ever collect the money owed to me.