• Changes needed in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:
    If you have ever attended a Sunset Beach Town Council meeting (I have) or read about them in the Beacon, you will conclude civility stops at the door.
    Last week’s Beacon reported that at the council meeting, a board member told the mayor to “shut up.” Another told him he was thick, and a third kept pounding on the dais, while another told him to give up his gavel. If the word “skinned” had followed thick, perhaps the insult could have been translated to a complaint.

  • No kudos for canceled meeting

    To the editor:
    I was pleased to see the Sunset Beach community meeting set for Sept. 18 as noted in Laura Lewis’ Sept. 12 article.
    I was very displeased when I showed up to find out that it had been canceled. There was no notice posted at the site, and no town officials appeared.

  • Buck political muck

    To the editor:
    Sunset Beach Concerned Citizens announced the cancellation of a community meeting with the town council.
    A citizen wrote to the Brunswick County Board of Elections complaining taxpayer funds would be used, it was political in nature, and only incumbents would be on the panel. It went on to say the BOE informed council they should consult their own attorney, who advised against the meeting. Also mentioned was a councilman who explored having town staff, not elected officials, answer questions at the meeting.

  • Carolina Shores mayor offers thanks to all

    To the editor:
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who made the Carolina Shores 15th anniversary celebration a complete success.
    Congressman Mike McIntyre made a much-appreciated appearance, especially with all that has happened in Washington the past few weeks. The town’s previous mayors and commissioners are also to be thanked for their service and continuing support.

  • Future fun on the roundabout

    To the editor:
    Roundabouts — Americans don’t know anything about them.
    Now my relatives in the UK, they know roundabouts. They grew up with them and they fly around them like professionals, but Americans? They know lights: red ones, green ones, yellow ones and flashing ones and arrows. Yes, we grew up with them.
    Now, there are some Americans who have learned about roundabouts (sometimes the hard way) but most of us ... well, we just know lights.

  • Center a gem for seniors

    To the editor:
    I would like to take this moment to express my appreciation for the Senior Center at Southport. It is located behind Wingate Hotel in Smithville Crossing Center.
    A truly hidden gem, it offers the senior community of Southport, Boiling Spring Lakes, Oak Island and St. James many opportunities for fellowship, games, studies, crafts and exercise, both tacit and active, with the new fitness room. This center also offers one hot meal a day during the week and has a gift shop.

  • Actions based on word

    To the editor:
    Some people say that Jesus never said much about certain parts of the law (homosexuality, fornication); therefore, we should not to be concerned about it in this day and age. Others say they only obey exactly what laws that Jesus mentioned.

  • Who represents renters?

    To the editor:
    Just when we thought the Sunset Beach Town Council couldn’t possibly get more elitist, arrogant, and unrepresentative than they already are, they amaze us once again.

  • Special thanks

    To the editor:
    A special thanks to a wonderful lady and her daughter.
    On Wednesday, Sept. 4, I was made aware that my dogs had become missing and were nowhere to be found. I immediately called our local animal control in hopes they had been seen and found.
    Knowing the kind of breed of dogs I own — pitbulls — I immediately became concerned they had been hit by a car, stolen, or picked up and would be destroyed.
    After speaking to our local animal control, I was soon to learn they were, in fact seen, and had been found in the Bent Tree area.

  • Efforts keep our county litter-free

    his past weekend saw the inaugural Brunswick Waterfest in Leland and Bike MS: Breakaway to the Beach in Sunset Beach, two events that put our county’s natural beauty on full display as fall gets under way.
    Last Saturday, the Brunswick County Solid Waste Department collected household hazardous waste at South Brunswick Middle School to conclude free dump week, when county residents were allowed to bring items (except for household trash and land-clearing debris) to the landfill in Bolivia free of charge.