• Do your homework on park issue in Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    As a resident of Sunset Beach, my husband and I were delighted the town built Sunset Beach Town Park in such a beautiful area.

    Since its opening, we have enjoyed the various festivities and events that are held in the park and have often said, “What a smart move on the town’s part!” One of these events, the waterfront market, has been a favorite. The park and the market give us a sense of community, a “town center.”

  • Thank you to my life savers

    To the editor:

    I’m writing to give special thanks to the Shallotte police and EMTs who saved my life on Labor Day at Waffle House.

    Low blood sugar can kill — and almost did me.

    Thanks to emergency department staff at Novant Health Brunswick Medical Center as well.

    I just can’t say enough about them all.

    Jim Robinson


  • Keeping political reality straight

    To the editor:

    In his Sept. 7 letter to the editor, Duane Lewis seems in his final paragraph to support single-payer health care funding. In his first couple of paragraphs, he appears misinformed on why American is the only payroll-based health care funding system for most folks, and why they chose this system. He does make a point concerning the role of money in American politics, then seems to confuse social insurance with socialism and dives into the GOP’s attempt to sell House Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan as a market solution.

  • Medical crises call for assistance

    To the editor:

    Through no fault of their own, this catastrophe impales them; without notice, like an earthquake. The “tsunami” leaves them in total destruction … if they survive. No early warning systems alert them as with tornadoes, hurricanes, floods or wildfires. They cannot escape the wreckage. Neither age, gender, race, religion nor residence escapes this devastation.

  • Thank you for supporting our students

    To the editor:

    Communities In Schools of Brunswick County (CIS) would like to thank all the community members and businesses that supported our recent Back to School Supply Drive, collecting backpacks and school supplies for Brunswick County students in need. This was one of our most successful supply drives, resulting in many donations distributed to children in middle schools and Waccamaw School.

  • ‘Mystery of the Deep’

    To the editor:

    A million stars glisten upon her glassy sea, reflections of the heavens hide her deep mysteries. Her beauty allures as a mistress to her prey. Entranced if only to tip our toe into her pool of majesty. Her beauty is undeniable, we flock, we get as close as we possibly can without becoming consumed. Not yet understanding what lies beneath, and with a certain fear of all she contains.

  • R.I.P., Sunset Beach Business & Merchants Association

    To the editor:

    In 2012, the Sunset Beach Business & Merchants Association was born thanks to the efforts of Marc Kaplan, Dave Nelson, other merchants and town council’s generosity by injecting $150,000 of taxpayer funds supporting their start-up effort. Thanks to the efforts by the association and volunteers, they started the farmer’s market and PaddleFest and became financially self-sufficient.

  • Why does God hate sin?

    To the editor:

    God hates sin because it separates us from him: “But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear” (Isaiah 59:2, Isaiah 13:11; Jeremiah 5:25). The fact that God hates sin means he hates being separated from us.

  • Let voters settle tethering issue

    To the editor:

    The recent Advocates for Animal Rights (AFAR) presentation to Brunswick County commissioners called for a single change to animal welfare ordinances: restrict the chaining of dogs. This single ordinance is one more tool to law enforcement as we combat drug houses and dogfighting in our community.

  • Get serious on climate change

    To the editor:

    The devastation wreaked by Hurricane Harvey is a frightening look at our future if we do not take steps to mitigate and reverse climate change. Though these storms occur naturally, warmer waters can make them bigger, more intense and longer lasting.

    How many storms does it take before we measure rain in feet, rather than inches? How many more billions of tax dollars are we willing to devote to flood insurance? How many more lives are we willing to displace, or lose completely?