• Contract termination unnecessary, irresponsible

    To the editor:

    We sent this message to the Brunswick County Board of Education prior its Nov. 12 meeting:

    Chairman John Thompson and board members:

  • Public comment needed in development discussions

    To the editor:

    To encourage citizen involvement, Sunset Beach announced in the Beacon its technical review committee was going to review the proposed development off the west end of Sunset Beach, but at this meeting, the committee did not allow public comments. The town of Sunset Beach allows public comments at planning board meetings, town council work sessions and town council meetings. Why not public comments at the technical review committee meetings?

    Richard Hilderman

    Sunset Beach

  • Support, give thanks for BFA

    To the editor:

    As Thanksgiving approaches, this is an especially appropriate time to give thanks. I am thankful our community has Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA) and its many volunteers and appreciate all it does to help the citizens of Shallotte and Brunswick County.

  • Marriage definition essential

    To the editor:

    If excluding same-sex unions from marriage violates a constitutional right to equal protection, so would excluding polygamists and incestuous couples.

    How marriage is defined is therefore essential, and that is precisely why liberals will never do so. It would open Pandora’s box.

  • ‘Yes’ vote puts rights at risk

    To the editor,

    With the recent “yes” vote on the statewide referendum, defendants may now give up their right to a jury in a criminal trial. I am concerned with the path that not just our state but the rest of our country is taking. If our government asks us to give up one basic human right that is promised to us in the U.S. Bill of Rights, then who is to say that it will not ask, or even force us, to give up even more rights?

  • Sunset Beach council, mayor perpetuate its culture

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach will have hired a new town administrator, finance director, attorney, auditor and planning director. The council apparently wants you to believe its policy failures to include financial problems, deceptive financial reporting practices, Jaguar’s Lair and the costly park turmoil were all caused by others.

  • Sleep well, silent majority

    To the editor:

    Congratulations to the two-thirds majority of eligible voters who did not vote. You have, through your inaction, instructed the winners to have their way with you. By not voting, you have agreed with the negativity surrounding American politics.

  • Students, teachers deserve better from state

    To the editor:

    Can my teacher’s pay affect the quality of my education?

    As a student, I often hear teachers complain about their salaries. There have been recent news reports about teacher salaries, so all of this discussion has left me wondering about what is happening to my teacher’s salary.

    It seems that the new salary structure for North Carolina has been rigged to benefit the newer and less experienced teacher rather than to reward the more experienced, knowledgeable veteran teachers.

  • What becomes of unfinished housing?

    To the editor:

    I like that the fact that Brunswick County is starting to prosper by building new housing developments for our sudden growth in population. I happen to be concerned about what will happen to the housing developments that are started but never finished. There are many that are in my area and I’d like to know what will happen to them. Will they ever be completed or will they turn into pseudovisions? I have been concerned with this issue for quite some time and I’d really appreciate a response to my question.


  • Brunswick County supports annual CIS gala

    To the editor:

    Through the generous assistance and support of Brunswick County restaurants, businesses, sponsors, media partners, photographers, students, individual donors, agency partners and attendees, Communities In Schools of Brunswick County hosted a successful and enjoyable benefit gala for children.