• Perception of voter fraud is fraudulent

    To the editor:

    Why did three area newspapers — the Beacon, the Pilot and the StarNews — all place on their front pages a story about a citizen being accused of voter fraud without checking the facts? The person in question was accused of voting both in Maryland and North Carolina.

    Here are the facts. The local election board called Maryland and was told the individual in question did not vote in Maryland. None of the three papers bothered to call the person involved or the Maryland election people.

  • BFA says thank you

    To the editor:

  • Analyze cabana usage before enacting ban

    To the editor:

    I understand Sunset Beach Town Council voted 3-2 to ban cabanas at its last meeting. I would respectfully ask the council to reconsider this move.

    Beach umbrellas become projectiles in windy weather and will only provide protection if the sun is directly overhead. We as a nation have become more aware of the dangers of exposure to the sun, and we as a community should not create rules that make protection from the sun more difficult.

  • Recognize annual local Christmas display effort

    To the editor:

    The last few years, Johnny and Margie Calhoun of Sunset Beach have worked hundreds of hours with the aid of hired help. The results of their efforts have resulted in a Christmas display that gives neighbors and residents of Sunset Beach a Christmas spirit and proud feeling.

    With the hard work and efforts of Margie with professional help and advice, the inside of the house could compete with any spectacular display. As a friend and neighbor, I look forward every year to see their display and see what’s new this year.

  • Trash heap

    To the editor:

    In my last letter to the Beacon, I offered up the image of history’s proverbial trash heap.

    I lamented the prospect that our Republic soon would be relegated to that regrettable site as our citizenry again might self-destruct and elect a self-absorbed, deceitful and overbearing political leader. Thankfully, my apprehension was unwarranted.

    However, my metaphorical trash heap image is still very much in play.

  • With blessings and gratitude

    To the editor:

    We went from the top of our lives to the lowest. The birth of our precious little miracle baby, Brayden Duncan, was truly a gift from God. Our family is so thankful for the gift the Lord blessed us with. Although Brayden was here for such a short time, we found he touched more lives than most people do in a lifetime. What a blessing!

  • Trump already succumbs to mainstream

    To the editor:

    President-elect Trump will begin to assemble his administration. He is already selecting Washington insiders to assist in the transition. He is succumbing to their influence and will become insulated by advisers and staffers from the Bush administration and K Street Republican lobbyists.

    And guess what, folks? His agendas will evolve into the moderate mainstream policies we’ve all seen before. He has all ready discussed stripping Social Security with Paul Ryan and leaving parts of the Affordable Care Act intact.

  • CIS gives thanks for volunteers

    To the editor:

    It takes a special person to give their time and commitment to enhance the life of a child. Community volunteers contribute to and support many programs offered by Communities In Schools of Brunswick County (CIS). CIS volunteers, through our multi-tiered interventions, surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life. CIS was founded on the belief “it’s relationships, not programs that change children.” The difference our volunteers make in the life of a child never goes unnoticed.

  • Obamacare is unaffordable

    Bill Clinton was right when he said Obamacare is the craziest thing in the world.

    In 2013, the year before you had to enroll in Obamacare, my medical premiums were $201.96 per month and my deductible was $5,000 per year through Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina.

    For 2017, the premiums will be $814.57 with a deductible of $7,150. This is for the lowest priced plan that is offered. So, in four years, my premium has increased $612.54 per month (303.3 percent) and my deductible has increased $2,150 per year (43 percent).

  • Veterans Day

    To the editor:

    What I think about this Veterans Day,

    Is how many ways we all will pray.

    Freedoms still do have to enjoy.

    Honor those overseas who did deploy,

    While at home on my pillow I lay.

    James Thomas Horn