• Fifty years later

    To the editor:
    The 50th anniversary of that black day in Dallas having just recently passed, it is perhaps a time for some somber and sober reflection. On that day, we lost a real American, a dedicated citizen elected to the office of the presidency of our country. Who can ever forget his challenge to us to preserve this nation’s greatness, saying: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” What a profound difference half a century can make.
    Today, the office of the

  • Christmas gift

    To the editor:
    Each year, the Seaside Methodist Church choir offers a Christmas cantata open to all. This year’s cantata was truly outstanding. The elegant attire, the glorious decorations, the incredible orchestra, the unique program offerings, the splendid sound of the choir and, of course, the most beautiful solo performances blended into a perfect evening.
    Kudos to choir director Kathy Parker and pianist Lynn Enzor for this excellent program. This moving evening was a lovely way to celebrate the joys of the Christmas season.

  • Remembering Mandela

    To the editor:
    In 2006 while living in Washington, D.C., I was fortunate to travel to South Africa with a delegation of city leaders.
    I had read about Nelson Mandela for many years and his lifelong struggle to liberate the people of South Africa from apartheid, but it wasn’t until my visit to the country I truly appreciated Mandela and his struggle for human rights.

  • Join the team

    To the editor:
    I was hopeful 10 years ago when a former president landed on an aircraft carrier and announced, “mission accomplished” in Iraq. I was shocked and saddened a few years ago when members of the (dis)loyal opposition cheered in a televised meeting because the International Olympic Committee awarded the Summer Olympics to a city in South America, instead of Chicago, hometown of our current president.

  • Appreciate recognition

    To the editor:
    The Catholic parish of which I am a member has a relatively new pastor who brought with him a somewhat unusual custom.
    Following the conclusion of the Sunday liturgy, the Mass, but before leading the final prayer and departing the sanctuary, the pastor encourages anyone celebrating a birthday the next week to stand. He then congratulates each with a handshake as many parishioners join in with applause. He then requests the same of any couples celebrating a wedding anniversary.

  • Pretty décor in Shallotte

    To the editor:
    I wish to pass along my congratulations to the party/parties responsible for the pretty Christmas decorations displayed on Main Street in Shallotte.
    My husband and I are here for the winter from Ohio and have visited Southport and Calabash in hopes to enjoy some Christmas splendor there. None could compare to the nice lighting in Shallotte.
    I know what an effort it takes to make it all happen and I just want to say kudos to those involved.
    Jan and Ed Davis
    Holden Beach

  • BEMC brings warmth, aid

    To the editor:
    The citizens of Brunswick County, especially those who are members of Brunswick Electric Membership Corp. (BEMC), should know how positively impactful is the corporate philanthropy of this fine cooperative and its individual donors.
    Since 2008, donations to the BEMC Warm Homes, Warm Hearts program have been matched, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000 annually by BEMC. Money accumulated is then distributed to Brunswick Family Assistance (BFA), which then allocates to eligible clients based upon BFA criteria.

  • Support puppy-mill bill

    To the editor:
    North Carolina is widely considered the puppy mill capital of the South with an unbelievable 15 puppy mill busts in the last two-and-a-half years, compared with three in South Carolina.
    Earlier this year, House Bill 930 passed with flying colors in the N.C. House by both Republicans and Democrats. It’s a simple, common-sense bill that establishes basic standards of care for large commercial dog breeders. Dogs bred for hunting, show or field trials are exempt from this bill.

  • Lost deposit

    To the editor:
    My sisters and I came to Brunswick County for the first time in 1989 and fell in love with Holden Beach. As our families grew, so did our need for more space. We rent three to four houses close together. Over the past 25 years, we have used all the rental agencies on the island. Everyone has always been honest, courteous and professional.

  • Recovery center needs support

    To the editor:
    From my conversation with Pastor Larry Shreve of the Brunswick Christian Recovery Center (BCRC), I learned that it is the only recovery center in Brunswick County and surrounding areas.
    Larry turned away nine applicants the other day, which is not uncommon. He said every day he has to turn people away who are struggling with their addictions. These are people who have reached a time where they have fallen to their lowest point and are desperate for help.
    There was a period in the history of Alcoholics Anonymous when the program produced