• How to further differentiate political parties

    To the editor:

    In his letter to the editor March 3, Thomas McGrath stated “... the GOP prefers little or no ... labor rights for government ...

    Apparently, he means the GOP doesn’t support the unionization of federal workers. That’s true, and consistent with the opinion of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat, when he said federal unions negotiating for more money are federal unions negotiating for more tax money. Roosevelt called such practices “unthinkable and intolerable.”

  • Democrats have veered too far left

    To the editor:

    Tom McGrath, in his letter published March 3, continues the strategy (or last resort) of deception and lies.

    Capitalism: Adam Smith, in his historically acclaimed “Wealth of Nations,” warned against government interference with free trade, which is the GOP position. Democrats have taxed and regulated our economy into a fraction of its potential.

  • Four reasons for failing to use turn signals

    To the editor:

    Why in heaven’s name is it so difficult to use a turn signal here in North Carolina? It takes less energy to push that lever than take a deep breath. It is not only a law, but also a common courtesy to your fellow drivers. It is surely not very Christian to be disrespectful of others.

    I can only think of four reasons not to use a turn signal: 1) You are lazy. 2) You are inconsiderate. 3) You are simply a lawbreaker. 4) You are too ignorant to know you have to use one.

  • Vote Medlin for county commissioner

    To the editor:

    I am pleased to endorse Jim Medlin for the Brunswick County Board of Commissioners in the third district that represents the St. James, Southport, Supply and Oak Island area.

  • Victim pays for crimes in small claims court

    To the editor:

    I recently went to small claims court to sue someone for services that were paid for but not completed. He did not appear for the hearing, and the court entered a judgment for $1,120.

    This action cost me $125, and the only satisfaction I got was that a judgment order was entered. Now in order for me to collect the money, I will have to pay another $120 to take him back to court. There is still no guarantee I will ever collect the money owed to me.

  • Note party differences

    To the editor:

    Most Democrats are not Socialists, and most GOP members are not Libertarians. So what are the opposing views on the key areas of policy differences in 2016, if we can get past whose persona we love or hate, or hate politics itself?

  • OIB Park plans threaten neighborhood tranquility

    To the editor:

    Brunswick County’s parks and recreation department announced last week its new 2016 conceptual master plan for the Ocean Isle Beach Park expansion. Ocean Ridge Plantation property owners are deeply concerned about the changes made to the 2008 original design. The 2008 plan appeared to be designed with the intent of a neighborhood park and did more to buffer and protect our residential community.

  • Why Americans hold politicians in contempt

    To the editor:

    If you have ever wondered why Americans are angry and hold politicians in contempt, I have an answer for you.

    In early January, I wrote a closely reasoned letter to Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis and Rep. David Rouzer expressing my deep concern about the Department of Defense decision to assign women to the combat arms of the Army and Marines Corps, an issue informed by my 30 years of active military service. My letter asked them to perform their constitutional duty and take remedial action.

  • Vote ‘yes’ for Connect NC bond March 15

    To the editor:

    Several months ago, our board of directors approved a resolution in support of the Connect NC bond referendum. We revisited this decision recently, after the legislature approved a $2 billion bond issue that did not include funds for transportation projects.

    Our board unanimously endorsed the action of our legislature to move forward with a bond issue supporting critically needed investments in higher education, clean water systems and our state parks system.

  • Insist on adding bike lanes to roads

    To the editor:

    I am writing to say that I am in agreement with the letter from Dan C. Dickerson concerning the widening of N.C. 179 to include a bike lane on each side.

    I have quit riding N.C. 179 because it is too narrow and have almost been struck by vehicles several times.

    I hope your newspaper is able to adequately impress the highway department to add the extra width to provide more safety for us bikers. Thanks for your efforts.

    Lawrence Wiseman

    Sunset Beach