• Thank you for swift attention to causeway problem

    To the editor:

    We would like to thank all of the Brunswick County employees who worked so hard to fix the causeway problem at Queens Grant Circle in Shallotte.

  • Fire ants pose serious hazards

    To the editor:

    When I wrote in about Brunswick County’s fire ant problem, someone didn’t get the concept of my letter published Nov. 26. The Dec. 3 editorial cartoon said, “Ant hills … it’s what we do.” Really?

    Fire ant bites really do hurt and some people and animals are allergic to their bite. That’s the main reason we should try and eliminate them.

    Staff writer Laura Lewis understood, as she wrote in her Dec. 17 column. I thank her for that.

  • Next council change should be civil behavior

    To the editor:

    A new year, a new set of council members and a new set of challenges and growth in Sunset Beach: The voters have cast their votes and a resounding message was sent by those voters. I think there will be better balance to the elected council — one that was needed.

  • Thank you for successful BFA Christmas program

    To the editor:

    I want to give a giant thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers and board members who helped make our 2015 Brunswick Family Assistance Christmas Program a roaring success.

    This year, we were able to provide 1,123 individuals and 563 families, both in Shallotte and Leland combined, with food and gifts.

    The spirit of generosity and compassion was kindly appreciated by participants and by staff alike. Thank you for your time and service

  • Council vacancy interviews should be public

    To the editor:

    I have had hearing problems since age 4. I compensated by learning to lip-read in elementary school and getting my first hearing aid in junior high.

    Because of that background, being in sales and having dealt with Europeans and South Americans during my career, I discovered other skills were necessary: concentrating on what people were saying and observing body language.

  • Board’s Sunday voting decision quite puzzling

    To the editor:

    I attended the Dec. 21 Brunswick County Board of Elections meeting that considered early voting hours.

    More than a dozen people at the meeting advocated for Sunday voting, with the two Republicans among three board members and one speaker from the audience opposed. The board, of course, voted against any Sunday voting in Brunswick County. According to the two red-shirted board members, the rationale for excluding Sunday was that there are enough days already and, therefore, it’s not necessary.

  • Thank you for sharing holiday joy through BFA

    To the editor:

    On Christmas morning, 1,125 seniors and children woke up to the excitement and joy of presents under their Christmas trees. The presents, along with a turkey and food for the family, were distributed in Shallotte and Leland as part of Brunswick Family Assistance’s (BFA) annual Christmas program.

    In addition, BFA was a partner with Jerome Munna’s Poker Run, which distributed toys and gifts to 100 children and the Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program that provided presents to another 75 children.

  • Gas price differences make little sense

    To the editor:

    I understand gas stations charge different prices based on their brands, timing of deliveries and state/local taxes.

    So on a recent trip to South Carolina, I wasn’t surprised by the following no-lead prices at the first five gas stations in North Myrtle Bach, south of the Intracoastal Waterway bridge: $1.779, $1.769, $1.729, $1.759 and $1.699.

    I was surprised, though, by no-lead prices at the first five stations north of the bridge in Little River, S.C.: $1.849, $1.849, $1.849, $1.849 and $1.849.

  • Be patient with new puppies

    To the editor:

    So, Santa tells me you got a new puppy for Christmas! Well, he also said I should pass along some things to think about.

    The puppy doesn’t speak your language — yet. Remember when you had to learn a foreign language in high school? Well, he is struggling also. Please don’t yell at him. Speak softly and pet him every time he responds the correct way.

  • Thank you for Sea Notes patronage

    To the editor:

    Thank you! Thank you! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, our audience, for your support and generosity for each of our concert seasons. Our recent Christmas concert, “Joys of the Christmas Season,” set an attendance record; 2,200 people attended the two concerts at Brunswick Community College Odell Williamson Auditorium. Larry Reinhart directed us and the accompanist was Jane Boberg.