• Bike paths need to be a priority

    To the editor:

    Make bike paths a priority for Brunswick County.

    All too often there have been numerous near-fatal accidents with motorists and cyclists as there are no or limited shoulders for cyclists to ride.

    Let’s do something before someone is killed.

    Bruce Garners

    Ocean Isle Beach

  • Old OIB site seems suited for vertical mixed use

    To the editor:

    As the town of Ocean Isle Beach has argued, a private clubhouse is a poor land use for the former Ocean Isle Palms clubhouse site. Vertical mixed use would be a better speculative option. Using the property as municipal open space is redundant, as the town already has a seven-mile-by-200-foot public park that fronts the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Motorists see need for bike lane additions

    To the editor:

    While I am not a bicyclist myself, I am in complete agreement with the letter to the editor by Dan C. Dickerson in the Feb. 18 edition of the Beacon.

    As a motorist who travels quite often on N.C. 179, I find it to be quite difficult to pass a bicyclist on this roadway without having to cross the yellow line because there is not enough room on the shoulder for the bicyclist to ride without being in the car’s path.

  • Area needs to accommodate all cyclists

    To the editor:

    I have been a vacationer to Ocean Isle Beach since 1990. I am now married and we have been bringing the family down for two weeks every year since 1999.

    My wife and I are both cyclists. We have bonded with the OIB cyclists, and our son has ridden with them before. We have brought friends from home to OIB in the past. Some of them have been cyclists, too.

    Like it or not, tourism brings a ton of business to your area. A wider shoulder or even a legitimate bike lane would be a good start to encourage others to the area.

  • Bike lane issue needs attention

    To the editor:

    Dan C. Dickerson’s letter in last week’s edition addresses an issue that needs urgent attention.

    I moved into the area in 2007. I had ridden with a cycling club in Maryland, so I brought my road bike with me. Since then, I have seen the number of road cyclists grow exponentially.

    I started a Google group, “OIB Cyclists,” to post information about group rides. That group has grown from six to 208 members.

  • Kudos to Lewis for local polar plunge coverage

    To the editor:

    Just a quick note of thanks to staff writer Laura Lewis for once again covering our charity fundraiser, the Sunset Ridge Polar Plunge.

    Along with our friends and residents, she braved the chilly February weather to cover our event.

    Kudos for a job well done!

    Theresa Barwikowski

    Ocean Isle Beach

  • N.C. 179 needs bike lanes

    To the editor:

    I am writing in support of Dan C. Dickerson’s letter to the editor in last week’s edition. I live near N.C. 179 in Brick Landing Plantation and would love to be able to ride my bicycle safely on N.C. 179. I cannot do this currently because it is too dangerous.

    I cannot believe creating a bike lane on this road can be terribly difficult or expensive, particularly if it is done concurrent with the planned repaving of the road, which I understand is scheduled for later this year.

  • Connect NC worth local voters’ support

    To the editor:

    I was disappointed to read the Beacon’s editorial position of not supporting Connect NC.

    Several key steps have been taken by the legislature since Sunset Beach sent its resolution asking the bond include the S.C. 31 extension into Brunswick County. Our local representatives, Sen. Bill Rabon and Rep. Frank Iler, both worked to have the Environmental Impact Study for the highway fully funded in the current year’s budget.

    That means the project is on a path toward completion in about 10 years.

  • No alligator hunt this year

    To the editor:

    After months of being on pins and needles (and many sleepless nights), we found out Thursday, Feb. 11, that there will be no hunting season for alligators this year.

    We want to thank The Brunswick Beacon and former staff writer Sam Hickman for contacting Alligator Alliance and publishing a front-page story that included our opposition to the proposed alligator-hunting season.

    Thank you for allowing us to be a voice for the alligators of Brunswick County.

  • Clean Power Plan should proceed

    To the editor:

    Mothers & Others for Clean Air, a program of the American Lung Association of the Southeast, was disappointed to hear the Supreme Court’s ruling to put the Clean Power Plan on hold as the courts review the legal challenges, delaying much-needed progress toward the reduction of harmful carbon pollution.

    The decision does not necessarily need to delay real health benefits to our families and neighbors, as long as Gov. Pat McCrory chooses to move ahead with plans to reduce power plant carbon pollution in North Carolina.