• Fire ant mounds ruin landscape

    To the editor:

    My husband and I moved here in April. We love this area and especially the beauty of being on the coast.

    But when driving along U.S. 17, I get angry at seeing thousands of fire ant hills. I called the county about them and basically didn’t get an answer. I realize we can’t get rid of all of them, but can we try to decrease some? They seem to be multiplying by the millions.

    I hope more people will complain and maybe something will get done.

    T.J. May


  • Political posturing goes both ways

    To the editor:

    During the Sunset Beach Town Council workshop on Nov. 17, former councilwoman Karen Joseph called out ordinary citizens for using “politics and false arguments” while expressing their opinions and feelings regarding the filling of a vacant council seat. This is a person who for the four years of her lone council term accused anyone who disagreed with her viewpoint of injecting politics into the debate. Apparently her “discussing issues” is “political posturing” when the other side does it.

  • Make sure to clean up after your dogs

    To the editor:

    I’ve had dogs all my life. They give you unconditional love. It ticks me off when I walk my dogs to see dog poo not picked up. I hear so many intelligent people knock dogs because of this. Anyone who has half a brain knows the dog can’t pick it up and bag it. It’s the owner’s fault.

    Someone is walking on Shoreline Drive and Azalea Circle in Sunset Beach with a large dog, judging by the size of the poo, and not picking it up. They even left it lying in the road at one spot. Doesn’t look very nice.

  • Thank you for supporting CIS

    To the editor:

    Through the generous support of Brunswick County restaurants, businesses, sponsors, media partners, photographers, students, individual donors, agency partners and attendees, Communities In Schools of Brunswick County celebrated its 20th anniversary Nov. 5 by hosting an exciting Benefit Gala for Children.

  • Sunset Beach voters don’t want retreads

    To the editor:

    A day or so after the Nov. 3 election, I was told some Sunset Beach council members privately considered former council members Len Steiner, Karen Joseph, Mike Williams and Wilson Sherrill to fill the mid-term vacancy.

    On Thursday, Nov. 12, I was told they decided to nominate and install Williams in that spot during the council’s Nov. 17 workshop.

  • Keep our trees

    To the editor:

    Couldn’t help but notice on my last trip to Calabash/Carolina Shores the continued bulldozing and clearing of native trees, shrubs, grasses, etc. on Thomasboro Road and elsewhere in the community.

    I understand the concern of homeowners regarding falling limbs and trees, especially during severe weather. However, trees absorb carbon dioxide and convert to oxygen for us to breathe.

  • Don’t fail our youth — invest in their future

    To the editor:

  • Thank you to Scouts who helped veterans

    To the editor:

    On Nov. 7, Boy Scout Troop 238 of Southport, under the leadership of Scoutmaster Douglas Pratt Jr., a member of Richard H. Stewart Jr. American Legion Post 543, worked with enthusiasm, coordination and success in distributing poppies at Lowe’s Home Improvement in support of Post 543 and the upcoming Veterans Day celebration.

  • Republic is at stake in next election

    To the editor:

    It’s not ISIS, Iran’s mullahs, Putin, China’s Xi Jin Ping, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un or national and international terrorism. It’s not the national debt, economic stagnation, taxes or joblessness. It’s not Obamacare, racial strife or lawlessness. No, it’s none of that. It’s our Republic that stands in the balance next November.

  • Thank you for Diabetes Strides Walk support

    To the editor:

    Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina recently proclaimed November as Diabetes Awareness Month and Nov. 7 as North Carolina Lions Clubs’ Diabetes Awareness Activities Day.

    On Nov. 7, District 31-N Lions Clubs from Brunswick County hosted its Diabetes Strides Walk on Holden Beach. It was a huge success and gave the community a chance to learn about diabetes and what the Lions clubs are all about. Thanks to the Calabash, Oak Island and Bolivia Lions Clubs who volunteered their time to get sponsorships and raise money for this great cause.