• All cyclists need local bike lanes

    To the editor:

    I moved to the area just over two years ago. For some time, I have been a cycling safety advocate, and cyclist, in central Florida. Since arriving back in North Carolina, I have not become involved other than in my long time volunteer work for the National MS Society and the Bike MS events.

    Laura Lewis’ regional bicycle plan report in the March 24 edition was very good, but there was another side to the story that wasn’t broached.

  • Thanks to McCrory, legislators for Connect NC

    To the editor:

    Thank you to Gov. Pat McCrory, after countless hours, who won bipartisan support in the General Assembly for the Connect North Carolina bond referendum.

    The Connect North Carolina bond overwhelmingly passed with the voters of this great state.

    The passing of the bond is proven recognition by the voters of North Carolina this is an investment in our citizens’ future and of the future of our children.

    Let us all be grateful to the superior job put forth by the governor and the support of the General Assembly.

  • Not all bad drivers are N.C. natives

    To the editor:

    From recent letters submitted for publication in the Beacon, I agree with most of the reasons why some North Carolina drivers don’t use turn signals. However, writers overlooked the fact that just because a car has an N.C. tag doesn’t necessarily mean the driver is “from” here.

  • Past Sunset Beach UDO omissions require action now

    To the editor:

    After reading last week’s Beacon report regarding critical missing ordinances from the Sunset Beach Unified Development Ordinance, I researched the minutes of the council meeting and public hearing on the UDO of Dec. 3, 2012.

  • Make N.C. 179 safer for all its travelers

    o the editor:

    I am writing to support Dan Dickerson’s letter to the editor in the Feb. 18 edition. I drive N.C. 179 every day. It is difficult to pass a bicyclist or a moped rider.

    Coming home one day around Christmastime, I had to stop and assist a gentleman sitting on the curb. A vehicle had come very close to him and caused him to lose his balance. Fortunately, he was not hurt but very badly shaken.

    Let’s make N.C. 179 safe for cyclists in our area.

    Pat Davis


  • Thanks for nothing, rude line breakers

    To the editor:

    I want to thank the two very rude people who broke line at Sunset Pier on Saturday, March 5, causing two of us who had been waiting in line for more than an hour to get a pass to be put on the waiting list.

    I hope you have a conscience and it causes sleepless nights thinking about such a childish act.

    Junior Little

    Ocean Isle Beach

  • A fifth reason for not using signals

    To the editor:

    John Compraetto’s letter of March 10 regarding reasons why North Carolinians fail to use turn signals is pretty much on target. He listed four reasons: laziness, lack of consideration, ignorance and being a lawbreaker.

    They certainly all apply, but I’d suggest one additional reason. Too many of those lazy, inconsiderate ignorant lawbreakers’ hands are too busy with one on the wheel and the other on their cell phone.

  • Considering ‘lesser of two evils’ question

    To the editor:

    On his return flight to Italy from Mexico this year, Pope Francis was interviewed by journalists on several topics. One concerned the outbreak of the virus Zika, which has spread to the U.S.

  • Was Jesus raised from the dead?

    To the editor:

    Scripture presents conclusive evidence Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead (Matthew 28:1-20, Mark 16:1-20, Luke 24:1-53, John 20:1–21:25 and Acts 1:1-11). One proof of Christ’s resurrection is the dramatic change in the disciples. They went from men frightened and in hiding to strong, courageous witnesses sharing the gospel throughout the world. Second is the life of the apostle Paul. He was changed from a persecutor of the church into an apostle for the church when the risen Christ appeared to him on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-6).

  • Calabash town services staff deserve kudos

    To the editor:

    A special thank you to Pete Brokus and his team for all the hard work they do in the Calabash community. Recently, they began cleaning out culverts, ditches and areas that this town has had drainage problems with forever.

    The new jetter machine is amazing and very efficient — such a powerful machine! The jetter purchase was worth every penny spent and will pay for itself in the long run. I saw it in action firsthand and how quick and powerful it is.