• Hostility is perpetuated by the left

    To the editor:

    Mrs. Teddy Altreuter almost got it right in her letter last week.

    There is no “atmosphere of hostility to immigrants and refugees” in America, except as perpetuated by the left. The vast majority of Americans welcome immigrants (here legally) and refugees (well vetted).

    The 9/11 event was not an anomaly, but handwriting on the wall — a precursor of 14 more tragedies like Fort Hood, the Boston marathon and San Bernardino. Breaking the law has consequences. Law-abiding citizens and criminals understand the concept.

  • Receive the Lord today

    To the editor:

  • Thank you to fellow diner

    To the editor:

    Bill, Lane and Jim would like to thank the anonymous blonde lady who paid for our lunch at P.T.’s Olde Fashioned Grille in Leland on Saturday, Feb. 25.

    We have to assume it was the woman sitting at the next table who said, “Thank you for your service,” when she went by.

    It was a very nice surprise and was greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Jim Reid

    Oak Island

  • 'When Discovered Dead'

    To the editor:

    Any season at all brings many things

    Bird with wings who so often sings

    Fish go through water when it swims

    Trees look sad with no leaves on limbs.

    Heart you have has been broken

    My tired feet need some soaking

    Life was planed for a certain purpose

    Three circles are contained in a circus.

    Mighty mountains with peaks of snow

    And smiling faces with a great glow;

    A field you found all full of dreams

    Bright moon giving off many beams.

  • Sunset Beach Town Council should accept dredging report

    To the editor:

    Sunset Beach Town Council voted 3-2 on Feb. 21 to deny the Sunset Beach Environmental Resource Committee’s report on dredging, apparently demonstrating again that if the council majority doesn’t obtain what it wants at first it will use any excuse to manipulate the process to get it eventually.

  • Immigrants, refugees make America great

    To the editor:

    I am very troubled by the atmosphere of hostility to immigrants and refugees to our country.

    We have not always welcomed such people and it has not always been a perfect fit. The 9/11 attacks was a horrendous, insane anomaly on accepting refugees and immigrants. But for most of our history, our country has benefitted greatly from both. And we still need them.

  • Gorsuch fit for Supreme Court

    To the editor:

    In 2016, the American people went to the polls knowing the next president of the United States would fill the vacancy of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. President Trump’s victory is partially because of his promise to nominate a mainstream, conservative justice to serve on the Supreme Court.

  • Kudos for clarifying freedom of speech issue

    To the editor:

    Jackie Torok’s clarification of newspaper separation of power — news department and advertising department and free speech — in last week’s edition was well written and on point. Reading between the lines, it looks like the paid advertisement provoked some anguish amongst readers. That is probably not a bad outcome if it causes some discussion and education on the beauty of our rights and freedoms in the United States.

  • Adjectives suit ‘distinguished’ 45th president

    To the editor:

    Being that I am functionally illiterate and suffer from the English language, please allow me to plagiarize the gentleman from Supply who wrote that Democratic voters were “ignorant, childish, crude, rude, uncivil, impolite, flippant, insolent, makeshift, discourteous and unskilled.” It seems these words can be used to add one more person to the list, someone who used to be a Democrat in his formative years.

  • Wake up: Trump is our president

    To the editor:

    News flash! President Trump is the duly elected 45th president of this country and there are absolutely no grounds for impeachment.

    The “impeach Trump” ad is disrespectful and, honestly, I and other “deplorables” I know are very disappointed the Beacon would allow this ad to be run.

    I am all for freedom of speech, but when the country is so divided right now, why fuel the fire with such nonsense? You may not agree with the electoral college that voted in favor of Trump, but wake up: He is your president.