• Thank you, Mike McIntyre

    To the editor:

    For Rep. Mike McIntyre: Thank you for caring and helping veterans. I fought the VA for 12 years with no results. I contacted your office and you and your staff were instrumental in keeping a check on my case and to keep me informed that someone was trying to help. With your help my case got to where it needed to go and to be seen. I finally got a ruling on my case and won.

    Thank you for your staff and your willingness to help veterans.

    A.V. Barrington

  • The irony of the Glenn Beck rally

    To the editor:

    Did anyone besides me note the irony in the Beacon snapshots of attendees at the recent Glenn Beck rally in Washington, D.C., held at the same site and on the same day as Martin Luther King’s historic Freedom March? I could have been one of those lily-white people pictured since there was not a single person of color in evidence.

  • Pantano is not the right choice

    To the editor:

    While I am not pleased at how U.S. Rep. Mike McIntyre voted on the healthcare bill, I am absolutely horrified at the conduct of Ilario Pantano, his opponent in the November election.

    When Mr. Pantano was a Marine in Iraq in 2003, he shot two civilian men while holding them so they and their car, empty of any weapons, could be searched.

  • Supports MacCallum for clerk

    To the editor:

    Jim MacCallum is a candidate for the Brunswick County Clerk of Superior Court. It is an important position to residents of the county that requires a thorough knowledge of the laws to make decisions that impact individuals lives, plus trustworthiness to handle millions of dollars in court fees.

    An attorney for 33 years, past-president of the West Virginia State Bar, past-president of the West Virginia State Board of Education overseeing a multimillion dollar budget and practicing law in Brunswick County assure me of his ability.

  • Group forms to help COPD victims

    To the editor:

    An invisible killer is in our midst. It’s called COPD.

    You may not recognize the name COPD but it stands for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and basically includes disease such as emphysema, fibrosis, alpha 1 deficiency and many more. It is the fourth-leading cause of death in the United States and is growing rapidly.

    Many people suffer from some form of breathing problem or have someone they know or in their family that does.

  • Thanks for BFA donation

    To the editor:

    A lady I’ve never met walked into Brunswick Family Assistance recently with a generous financial donation from her church.

    Sadly, her church had its last meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 26, after months of agonizing over the decision to dissolve.

    Hard times hit us in so many ways, but seeing a church dissolve is heartbreaking. We are so thankful to that small fellowship for sharing what was left of the bounty of their tithes and offerings with us.

  • Voters should decide funding status

    To the editor:

  • Doesn’t like points in reader’s letter

    As a resident of Sunset Beach, I am appalled by the inflammatory accusations put forth in Mr. Cerrato’s recent letter.

    We have a new town council in place that represents the majority of residents that voted in the past election. Not too long ago, many residents in our town were upset about the impending building of the Waves surf and sport store and its potential eyesore to the area.

  • Turning disaster into triumph

    It’s difficult to see there could be anything good about Sept. 11, but if we look to our past, we find other generations turn disaster into triumph.

    On Sept. 11, 1777, at the Battle of Brandywine, Washington was outflanked and defeated, leaving Philadelphia open to occupation by the enemy. British General Howe and his troops flooded the city. Patriots flooded west to York, taking the Liberty Bell, records of the Continental Congress and possessions.

    Who could know such terrifying events could have a positive result?

  • Red state, blue state

    The political transition from the liberal North to the conservative South has been smoother than expected. 

    We knew moving to the Carolinas the political climate would be different from Pennsylvania. Living in the Bible Belt, we knew we would be surrounded by some good ole Southern conservatism as well as a new crop of Tea Partiers.