• Time to change ordinance

    To the editor: It’s time to change the ordinance at Sunset Beach. It is one thing to keep the grass cut on vacant lots and another to bulldoze native myrtle bushes and leave the lot with debris. These lots have become an eyesore to residents and visitors, not to mention that these bushes were home to birds, rabbits, deer, raccoon and other wildlife.

  • Can't believe what happened in Calabash

    To the editor: The Calabash story might even be humorous if it wasn’t so tragic. Personally, after a career in law enforcement and now banking, I fail to understand how any individual can maintain employment after “knowingly” falsifying their resume.

    In the real world, if you so much as mistakenly list your dates of previous employment or former address, you’re disqualified.

    To the leaders of the wonderful Republic of Calabash, it’s called “falsifying your application for employment,” with no do-overs.

  • Can't believe Cribb was hired

    To the editor: I would like to address the recent scandal with former town administrator Jeremy Cribb.

  • We'll all end up helpless

    To the editor: There was a time when most worked for their wealth, a few would welch, and we all went out to help everybody. Then we all wanted to be wealthy, including the welcher, and nobody would be helpless. So we all worked to be wealthy, ignored the welcher, and helped only the helpless. Soon we made somebody else wealthy, envied the welcher and let the wealthy help the helpless.

    Now we despise the wealthy, cater to the welcher and ignore the helpless. Eventually, we will penalize the wealthy, subsidize the welcher and euthanize the helpless.

  • Commissioners are not beyond reproach

    To the editor: In your article, “Carolina Shores assistant town manager apologizes for culvert letter tone,” commissioner Gere Dale responds to an e-mail by Marlene Stewart by stating, in part, “the board of commissioners ‘runs’ the town...” A little bit further he asks, “Were you ‘elected’ to represent the CCCS?”

  • Citizen couldn't speak at meeting

    To the editor: I attended the special meeting for Carolina Shores Friday. Boy, was I disappointed. Not only could these agenda items have waited for the regular meeting in August but we, the citizens of Carolina Shores,could not voice our opinions.

    There was a rush to fill the vacancy left by commissioner John Csernecky with former mayor of Carolina Shores Dan Mann. After he was sworn in, he was voted in as mayor pro tem.

  • So goes the church

    To the editor: There was a letter by a Mr. Shutt in June asking people to read their Bibles. For that, I fully agree because that is the reason that so many church members have been misled by some of their misled preachers.

    Some preachers have been to my home to talk about religion and I would ask them questions about certain verses in the Bible, such as: Were Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Jacob’s 12 sons ever called Jews, and where did the word come from?

    And if the Jews in the time of Jesus were Israelites, why did he send his apostles away (Matthew: 10-5)?

  • The hypocrisy of it all

    To the editor: I read with interest the recent letter from a disappointed reader of Sarah Shew Wilson’s column concerning South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s “hiking along the Appalachian Trail.”

    The reader felt Sanford’s peccadilloes were just a “tempest in a teapot” compared to former President Clinton’s misbehavior while in office.

  • Chaos demands leadership

    To the editor: Ms. Curran’s column had me thinking because she touched on issues that has every conservative praying for brakes and a strong right foot.

    Many have defended Gov. Palin from the attacks of the left regarding her appearance, clothes, children, etc. (Let’s not forget media jokes about sexual molestation of Palin’s young daughter and published jokes about retardation and Palin’s Down’s Syndrome son.) Finding a liberal to debate her policies is akin to finding Bill Clinton with a woman of virtue—almost impossible!

  • Universal healthcare?

    To the editor: Healthcare for your children; children’s children; grandchildren’s children? Lately, whenever Federally Funded Universal Healthcare comes up in conversation the majority of those I encounter who are vehemently opposed to the notion are on Medicare.

    I just find that ironic.