• What is appropriate?

    To the editor:
    I recently attended a board of education meeting where I was allowed to express my opinion on current AP English literature selections. I closed my presentation with a question: Who decides when a minor child is old enough to be exposed to literature containing vulgarity, rape, and incest in the classroom?

  • Joy of the season

    To the editor:
    Christmas is known as many things: the yuletide, the birth of Christ, Jesus’ birthday, the holiest day of the year, the loneliest time of year, a time for family gatherings, the most wonderful time of the year …
    Christmas is really different for everyone, and lives in their hearts and minds in unique ways.
    Some fill food pantries, ring Salvation Army bells, make donations to worthy charities, donate toys for tots, buy Angel Tree gifts, send care packages to soldiers, or make goody baskets for neighbors.

  • Consider donation

    To the editor:
    You can end the year by making a powerful decision that will have a positive, lasting effect on a child.
    Communities In Schools works in partnerships with the schools to reach and serve students with the greatest needs, but the fewest resources. Those needs include tutoring, mentoring, counseling, clothing, personal hygiene and basic need items.

  • Good ol’ boys back in action

    To the editor:
    The good ol’ boys are still running the show in Sunset Beach. Just a few weeks after former councilwoman Karen Joseph finished dead last in her failed re-election attempt — in no small part for her handling of the Jaguar’s Lair fiasco — councilmen Lou DeVita, Mike Williams, and Wilson Sherrill have mocked the Sunset Beach electorate by voting to return her to Sunset Beach’s sorry Jaguar’s Lair “negotiating team.”

  • Hospice touches lives

    To the editor:
    “Peace is knowing that love is stronger than death. Love stays with us forever.”
    This quote from chaplain Mickie Norman was the theme for the memorial service and Love Lights tree dedication Thursday, Dec. 12. As I sat and listened to each name being read, I began to realize what an impact SECU Hospice House in Bolivia has had on Brunswick County.

  • Joseph not chosen

    To the editor:
    Sunset Beach Town Council has re-appointed defeated former councilwoman Karen Joseph to continue negotiations on behalf of the town with Coastal Communities, developer of Jaguar’s Lair. Why?
    It is not because citizens wanted her to represent them; I got more votes than she did and I came in fifth out of six candidates.

  • Fifty years later

    To the editor:
    The 50th anniversary of that black day in Dallas having just recently passed, it is perhaps a time for some somber and sober reflection. On that day, we lost a real American, a dedicated citizen elected to the office of the presidency of our country. Who can ever forget his challenge to us to preserve this nation’s greatness, saying: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” What a profound difference half a century can make.
    Today, the office of the

  • Christmas gift

    To the editor:
    Each year, the Seaside Methodist Church choir offers a Christmas cantata open to all. This year’s cantata was truly outstanding. The elegant attire, the glorious decorations, the incredible orchestra, the unique program offerings, the splendid sound of the choir and, of course, the most beautiful solo performances blended into a perfect evening.
    Kudos to choir director Kathy Parker and pianist Lynn Enzor for this excellent program. This moving evening was a lovely way to celebrate the joys of the Christmas season.

  • Remembering Mandela

    To the editor:
    In 2006 while living in Washington, D.C., I was fortunate to travel to South Africa with a delegation of city leaders.
    I had read about Nelson Mandela for many years and his lifelong struggle to liberate the people of South Africa from apartheid, but it wasn’t until my visit to the country I truly appreciated Mandela and his struggle for human rights.

  • Join the team

    To the editor:
    I was hopeful 10 years ago when a former president landed on an aircraft carrier and announced, “mission accomplished” in Iraq. I was shocked and saddened a few years ago when members of the (dis)loyal opposition cheered in a televised meeting because the International Olympic Committee awarded the Summer Olympics to a city in South America, instead of Chicago, hometown of our current president.