• Judge exercises heartless judgment in dog’s abandonment

    To the editor:
    I find it difficult to comprehend how District Court Judge Jerry A. Jolly could be so heartless in the case of Springer, the dog left to die in a foreclosed home in Leland earlier this year.
    Where does he get the power to make his own laws? If any action is taken to get him removed from the bench, I will contribute money if needed.

  • Group makes act about race, not health care

    To the editor:
    “The Tea Party” he said loudly. “I’ll tell you about the Tea Party. They are a bunch of homophobic, hypocritical, bigots and haters.”
    Saying it, by stringing all those descriptive adjectives and nouns together, provided some humor while venting. Playing the scene forward to the next election would not change one vote.
    The idea that a black man is in charge of the most powerful country in the world and is probably the most powerful individual in the world cannot be understood or accepted by white people.

  • Candidates’ forum audience lacked decorum

    It takes a lot of courage and sacrifice for a citizen to step forward to say, “I’m willing to run for office and serve my fellow citizens if elected.”
    If for no other reason than that, candidates must be shown respect — unlike what happened at the candidates’ forum in Sunset Beach on Oct. 23 and sponsored by the Brunswick County Chamber of Commerce.
    I am shocked and sickened by the disrespectful and deplorable behavior exhibited by the citizens of Sunset Beach attending the meeting.

  • Calabash foreclosure explained

    In response to the story published in the Beacon Sept. 19, “Foreclosure draws debate in Calabash” it is time to set the record straight. Every homeowner knows that paying taxes is his or her civic responsibility. More importantly, it is the town’s fiduciary responsibility to all its citizens to collect taxes from every homeowner to maintain a reasonable tax rate.

  • Bicyclist not very bright

    To the editor:
    This past Saturday morning, I was driving to Ocean Isle to set up for the N.C. Oyster Festival. I was on my way out of a shopping center, stopped at the stop sign, looked both ways, saw nothing and began to pull forward as I scanned left. Then I saw the cyclist.

  • Organizers say thanks for gala support

    To the editor:
    Thank you to all who joined us for the 12th annual Communities in Schools of Brunswick County Gala for Children on Oct. 24 at the Dinah Gore Fitness &Aquatic Center.
    The board of directors of CIS worked hard leading to the gala as evidenced by the generous displays of silent auction items and impressive number of new sponsors. Thank you for helping us make those connections within our community.

  • Sunset Beach financially sound

    To the editor:
    In the interest of public information, and in the interest of retaining the confidence of the citizens of Sunset Beach in their government, I suggest that anyone concerned about the town’s financial status consult the North Carolina Local Government Commission, which oversees local government finances in North Carolina.

  • Buyers beware

    To the editor:
    Coastal Communities has collected more than $50 million from the sale of lots in Ocean Ridge’s Jaguar’s Lair and has done little to complete the infrastructure.
    In my opinion, Coastal is running a Ponzi scheme. They have several developments that are not completed (Jaguar’s Lair and Ocean Isle Palms being two examples), yet are allowed to shift resources to open up new ones. Its latest new development is called Barrington Place in Ocean Ridge. Many questions need to be addressed, such as:

  • Sheriff’s office an asset

    To the editor:
    I had the opportunity to participate with 21 fellow residents in the recent 14th Citizens Academy conducted by the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. During a 10-week period of instruction (four hours every Tuesday evening) and hands-on experiences, we learned of the many elements of the organization from uniform services and the detention center to SWAT and K-9 operations, as well as more than 20 community outreach programs, including the School Resource Officer Program, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Animal Protection Services and Crime Prevention.

  • Sad farewell to too many trees

    To the editor:
    Sadly, some really beautiful trees, which once stood so magnificently in Sunset Beach Town Park, are gone, cut down last week in preparation for construction of the new park. Our tax dollars paid for the removal of these trees.