• Kudos to board of elections staff, volunteers

    To the editor:

  • Thanks to Boys & Girls Home benefit participants

    To the editor:

    Generally, letters to the editor are filled with complaints, criticism and accusations; however, there are probably more occasions to praise, be thankful for, highlight and appreciate, but rarely do you see it in print.

  • Sunset Beach should cut spending

    To the editor:

    Wow, Sunset Beach says there won’t be money enough to pay its bills next year and proposes a whopping 31-percent tax increase. Strange, because it seems just a few months ago former mayor Rich Cerrato commented that the town was broke and was almost crucified by the town council for spreading false information.

    In lieu of council’s denials, it seems hard to believe a hefty tax increase is now critically needed. It causes one to wonder if we are experiencing a council credibility gap.

  • Tax dollars are not ‘free’

    To the editor:

    In response to, “Bad laws stain N.C. reputation:” As a taxpayer, I am appalled to see Mr. William Flythe, Brunswick County Board of Education candidate, call the refusal to expand Medicaid coverage “free tax dollars.”

    Sir, with all due respect, there is no such thing as “free tax dollars.” Contrary to the belief of many elected officials, this revenue comes from the pockets of very hardworking Americans. It does not grow on trees in Bolivia, Raleigh or Washington, D.C.

  • Too many errors in voting

    To the editor:

    On the first day of early voting, I stopped at the Shallotte Armory to vote. After registering at the desk, I was shown to a machine by a poll worker, and he prepared the machine for me to vote.

    The first person that I voted for, the vote went to someone else. I canceled and tried again. This time it went to the proper person. The second time I voted, it again went to someone else. I again canceled and re-voted. This time again it went to the proper person.

  • Weighing in on April 17 edition

    To the editor:

    I would like to express my sincere feelings in support of the following, which appeared in the April 17 edition of The Beacon.

    I am in total agreement with Mr. John Donnelly in his letter to the editor and undeniable fact: No Barack Obama, you can’t hide your lyin’ eyes.

  • Sunset Beach gets what it voted for

    To the editor:

    In response to “Stop Sunset Beach west end development,” what did you think would happen when two of three Ed Gore council candidates were re-elected to Sunset Beach Town Council in November and two of three anti-Gore candidates were defeated?

    Thanks to the voters of Sunset Beach, four of five council members are Gore council members.

    Every two years, we get a chance to change things, and every two years we fail — and then complain.

    I tried to get others to run, with very limited success.

  • Thank you to Sunset Slush

    To the editor: 

    I would like to say thank you to Susie, Drew and Devin Sellers for providing Holden Beach with a fun and friendly business, Sunset Slush, not to mention a delicious product. It’s a fun and positive place to hang out with friends, old and new. Locals and tourists always look forward to the advent of a new year at Holden Beach Sunset Slush with the friendly staff, uplifting atmosphere and delicious ice.


    Cathie McLean


  • Bad laws stain N.C. reputation

    To the editor:

    A state GOP leader who wants a chance to clean up the mess in Washington should first clean up his mess in Raleigh. A well-known organization in North Carolina prepared a list of 20 bad laws passed by the 2013 General Assembly. I have included five of those laws on my “dirty laundry” list that should be repealed or changed during the short legislative session. Two Senate bills cut funding for schools in the state budget (S-402) or refused to expand Medicaid coverage (free tax dollars) for 500,000 poor individuals (S-4).

  • Sidewalks improve Calabash

    To the editor:

    The purse strings in Calabash are pulled very tightly; even a feud over $5,000 for our great sidewalks occurred.

    Spending is very limited, and the board always promises to repair roads, ditches, and hopefully clean up many properties that have been neglected. These all need much attention, and we are all waiting to see it happen.

    The town of Calabash has a 10-acre property that is still sitting idle. There is always talk about a senior center and waterfront property. Why not use the property that this town already owns?