• What used to be good is bad

    To the editor:

    After hosting Nigerian missionaries this past October, my wife and I will have a better appreciation for the holidays.

    The husband and wife team maintain an orphanage for 400 children. While Americans enjoy regular meals and then later watch TV with a snack, these orphans live uncertain if there will be any food at all the next day. They are grateful to have a bite of meat on Christmas. They are delighted to be given a paper napkin that has an airline logo on it.

  • Thank you for flood assistance

    To the editor:

    We live in Carolina Shores and on Oct. 2 our home was flooded with nine inches of water throughout. We, among many other neighbors, did not have flood insurance. There are eight homes without flood insurance and 35 or so homes that were flooded.

  • Thank you to campaign volunteers, town voters

    To the editor:

    We extend our heartfelt thanks to the many friends who volunteered their time to work tirelessly on our behalf during the campaign. Many of you also stood with us, and continued working at the polls on Election Day.

    We also greatly appreciate the support throughout our entire town and commend all who trekked to the polls through such inclement weather.

    It is our vow to listen to your voices and act responsibly to your concerns.

    Joyce Dunn, mayor-elect

    Gere Dale and Mary Timothy, commissioners-elect

  • Forgo Christmas party in favor of SBIC donation

    To the editor:

    I have just received my Carolina Shores Bulletin. It somewhat disturbed me that the usual Christmas party, which has always been free, will now have $10 admission.

    It occurs to me I would rather not attend this affair. By the time I pay the $10 and then have a drink for my wife and me, we would have spent the same as having dinner out.

    It is my contention that I will contribute to the South Brunswick Interchurch Council to provide a dinner for families in southern Brunswick County. I think that $20 will be more than well spent.

  • Observing Medical-Surgical Nurses Week

    To the editor:

    Medical-surgical nurses focus every day on caring compassionately for patients and their families. The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) has designated a special week to shift that focus to the nurses themselves.

    Grand Strand Health is participating in the national celebration of medical-surgical nurses during Medical-Surgical Nurses Week, Nov. 1-7. These nurses are being celebrated for their dedication and skills to our patients.

  • Residents should not be charged for recycling

    To the editor:

    To those in charge of the recycling program, I find it incomprehensible why the town of Sunset Beach charges its residents to recycle their garbage.

    The residents who take the time and care to be responsible people are not recognized for their social responsibility, but are being punished.

    Those residents who are struggling to pay their bills are not given the chance to be socially responsible and do what is necessary to clean and protect the environment by being charged a fee to recycle.

  • Economic picture not quite so rosy

    To the editor:

    In response to Anne T. Bailey’s letter to the editor in last week’s edition, the economy is not quite so rosy. A disappointing 142,000 jobs were added last month (200,000 was expected) and July and August jobs were revised down by 59,000.

    The National Association of Realtors states the recovery is slowing and home sale prices are trending down. According to government statistics, the “real” unemployment rate is 10.5 percent when consideration is given to people who have stopped looking for a job.

  • Vote based on action, not name recognition

    To the editor:

  • Writer does not recognize beauty of Sunset Beach

    To the editor:

    In response to Jim Thomas’ letter to the editor in last week’s edition regarding Sunset Beach town councilmen Wilson Sherrill and Mike Williams: Thank you. What a glowing letter of endorsement for all the work these two have done for the town.

    Evidently none of the other council members have lifted a finger in the last four years. The writer does not understand the approval process or chooses to ignore it, but it takes three affirmative votes to take any action, so Wilson and Mike could not have done this much on their own.

  • Use courtesy after using shopping carts

    To the editor:

    I work at Fantastic Sam’s hair salon in Carolina Commons in Carolina Shores. As most know, there is a Food Lion in the shopping center. If you are done shopping for your groceries and after you have loaded them into your vehicle, put your shopping cart back into the assigned space for the carts.

    I just watched a man roll the cart right into the empty parking space beside his car and just leave it. Don’t you realize the carts roll? One gust of wind or any tiny movement, that cart is into the side of someone’s vehicle.