• Soldiers wear uniforms

    To the editor: I found it most disconcerting to read in Laura Lewis’ article “Local communities honor America’s fallen soldiers” that “All three wore garb from their respective branches of military service...”

    Surely there is another word (uniforms perhaps?) that could have been used more appropriately. Referring to a military person’s attire as “garb” portrays a less than positive image.

  • Thanks to teachers

    To the editor: Brunswick County is blessed with heroes, and many are in our education system, molding our children’s lives every day.

    My daughter, Alex, is an A-B student at Union Elementary School who works hard and does well in school, but she was needing extra help this year with math so she could improve her test scores.

  • Caroline got it right

    To the editor: I just read Caroline Curran’s column of May 28. She hit it right on when she said, “Each and every elected official owes everyone smart, fiscally sound decisions that benefit the people, not the lobbyist, not their friends and not government.”

    Prior to retiring, I worked for a large company, Alcoa. Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill was the chairman of the company for about 11 years. Under his leadership the company performed exceptionally well.

  • Support the president

    To the editor: Now that the change the American voters voted for has finally arrived, let us display our appreciation by supporting our elected official, President Barack Obama.

    Let us support him with our prayers, cooperation and advice when necessary. Let’s forget his wearing apparel, religion and skin color and support him when he’s right and pray for him when he’s wrong.

    I admonish all of us to pray for our elected officials that they will serve politically, religiously and without bias.

  • Thanks for bike event

    To the editor: I would like to thank the Shallotte town commissioners for approving permits for Beach House Harley Davidson during Bike Week 2009 and not allowing the ignorant, negative opinions sway their decision; however, I was offended by comments in a previous letter to the editor that urged the town to deny those permits.

    I felt the letter, in part, insinuated people who ride motorcycles get drunk and disorderly, gather to stir trouble and engage in “adult entertainment.” To me, it was discriminating against bikers.

  • Good job, SMS

    To the editor: As a parent of students that attend Shallotte Middle I have heard bad things that have happened but not today.

    I had given my time last week to be a proctor for the end of the testing. I had a chance to be in all three grade levels, and to the students, you are great.

    My hats off to the great staff they have now at Shallotte Middle. The kids should be proud to have such a wonderful support team.

    I have never felt more welcomed by staff, teachers and students as I did these past three days.

  • America is having change, but into what?

    To the editor: Obama wants to give illegal immigrants Social Security. He wants to cut yours for those not paying into it and who should not be here.

    The administration wants states to pay for keeping illegal immigrant lawbreakers in jail. They wouldn’t be here unless the government allowed it.

    The administration has a strange preoccupation with protecting enemy combatants and keeping them comfortable while perpetuating the killing of babies by abortion.

  • Enjoyed music program

    To the editor: Last Tuesday evening, West Brunswick High School was at Odell Williamson Auditorium for a music program. Thank you to all who contributed. I was especially moved to tears when the young men in the a capella choir did a tribute to their classmate Jake Moseley who had died earlier in a car wreck.

    They sang “Amazing Grace” and then one young man stepped to the microphone prayed a prayer, which was both touching and powerful. I wasn’t alone in wiping tears.

  • What has happened to the school board?

    To the editor: What has happened to the Brunswick County Board of Education? Their leadership has never been great, and I think it’s time for a new board.

    Last year, when it came to an appointment to the Brunswick Community College board, the board chairman told Ray Gilbert they would appoint a black person next time, but Shirley Babson stated after they appointed another white this time, there is always another time.

  • Food first, what's next?

    To the editor: Democrats have proposed the taxing of sugary drinks and other “unhealthy” foods to help fund the healthcare “overhaul.”

    When it is determined the tax on soda, chips, etc. aren’t teaching us to live more healthy lifestyles (or getting them enough money for their massive programs), Congress will be open to another tax to another food service or activity they deem “unhealthy.” There is no end to the excise taxes they can impose on us.