• Thanks from Southport Christian

    To the editor:

    On behalf of Southport Christian School, I would like to extend a huge “thank you” to our school families and everyone in the community who came out to support SpringFest this past Saturday. We could not have asked for better weather for all of those who visited Franklin Square Park to browse local artwork, sample some of the best barbecue around and make the rounds of our game booths. What a blessing it was to see so many children enjoying outdoor fun on such a beautiful spring day.

  • Family says thank you to those who helped

    To the editor:

    We can never thank everyone for all the love they have shown to us during the sudden and tragic loss of our loved ones, the Joshua Williams family.

    To the very first responders, EMS, the sheriff’s department, the highway patrol: a very special “thank you.” We know this must have been hard on you as well.

    To Hobbs Realty for the house they provided for our out-of-state family.

    To Bobby Long for the peaceful burial plots he so freely gave.

  • Make your voice heard this November

    To the editor:

    You may recall the political machines that for years ran the cities of New York and Chicago. Well, Carolina Shores is now being run by a similar political machine. They call themselves the Concerned Citizens (CC) but it appears rather than transparency and resident representation, their only concern is about imposing their agenda on town residents.

  • Temperatures go down; activists’ calls go up

    To the editor:

    Isn’t it curious that after two of the coldest winters that the term “global warming” has changed to “climate change?”

    Now the environmental activists want very expensive restrictions no matter what the temperature. Information shown on the British meteorological office website shows no warming in the last seven years. The data not only shows flat-lined warming, but a temperature plunge in the past year despite the fact that carbon dioxide levels are rising.

  • We need the port

    To the editor:

    Re: NCIT-Why North Carolina needs a Deepwater Port and will “Get It” Sampson Counties EDD, John Swope stated, “For North Carolina to remain cost competitive for business and industry it must develop a deepwater port with a channel of at least 50 feet.” 

    Maersk Lines announced a $1.9 billion order for 10 container ships with 18,000 TEUs. Bigger ships mean NCSPA needs to keep pace with larger container traffic.

  • Those who burn can threaten safety

    To the editor:

    With regard to the story “Debris burning sends firefighters into action” in the March 24 edition of The Brunswick Beacon, there are other county residents who think the following (which became law in 1982) is an anachronism that should be repealed:

  • Are we still proud of this country?

    To the editor:

    In the course of the last few days, I am amazed and disappointed with the things people are supposed to do but choose not to or don’t care. 

    Many people don’t use their signal lights when turning. Recently, I waited at an intersection for an approaching car that turned right without a signal. When he got closer, I could see he was on his cell phone with one hand and steering with the other.

  • Why not donate park land?

    To the editor:

    Every week when the Beacon comes, there is always an article about the pros and cons of having a park in Sunset Beach.

    I know I’m dreaming, but wouldn’t it be great if the two men who own the land for the park donated the land to the town? We could name the park after them and everyone could enjoy it. We just can’t afford a park at their price.

    June LeCount

    Sunset Beach



  • Increase N.C. jobs

    To the editor:

    “Jobs, jobs, jobs” was the election cry, but now it is voter identification cards.

  • Ordinary workers are under attack

    To the editor:

    Those people who are cheering as politicians go after public employees should keep in mind that these same politicians are going after Medicare welfare for the middle-class, minimum wage (needs to be eliminated), child labor laws (let families decide), taxes on the rich (unfair to successful people), school lunch programs for needy children (not our responsibility), regulations on banks (interferes with capitalism) and Social Security (smacks of socialism).