• Stand up for the Constitution

    To the editor:

    No, Mr. Obama! We will not ride in the back of the bus being driven by a progressive agenda. 

    Remember the Constitution? I understand it can be a nuisance for the progressive vision. I do not want to go back. We need to go back to the principles of our founders. 

    The road our country is on runs two ways. With hard work, we will be able to stop working for the government and go back to the government listening to us and working for our interests. 

  • Don’t miss out on older workers

    To the editor:

    When workers reach a certain age, do they have an employment expiration date? I think Brunswick County business owners are missing the boat when it comes to hiring qualified employees for their businesses. 

  • New area church welcomes others

    To the editor:

    After five years of continued prayer, work and planning, members of the area’s Grand Strand Byzantine Catholic Fellowship now have a place to call their own. The small but faithful group of regulars come from Brunswick and Horry counties. The new Byzantine Mission is the first in this area and although still a work in progress, it is on South Carolina’s Highway 90. 

  • Where is the grant money now?

    To the editor:

    It is confusing and frustrating. Now [Sunset Beach] councilmen Lou DeVita and Bob Bobinski are hoping for new grant money again. 

    I thought they wanted to buy the land without grant money? Someone better tell them Uncle Sam is broke and to devote their energy to cut the overstaffing and excessive salaries at town hall.

  • Remember the past when you go to vote

    To the editor:

    Voters of Brunswick County, by Wednesday of next week we will have seen another election if the good Lord God Almighty allows. And this election seems to be more national than local.

    However, I want to call your attention to a situation that happened last year in our county, Brunswick County.

  • Election will impact all of us

    To the editor:

    With issues such as redistricting, money in elections, and the economy before us, the outcome of this election, no matter who wins, will impact each of our lives. That is why it is so important for all of us to cast our vote.

  • Keys, rings lost

    To the editor:

    My father works on the docks of Calabash and is captain of the Hurricane shrimper. He was down on the dock about a week ago and his keys fell out of his pocket. He had his mother and father’s wedding rings on his key ring that meant more (to him) than anyone would ever know. 

    He was so heartbroken about it that he has tried and tried to find them. His mother passed away in June, and that was the last thing he had to remember her by. 

  • Election is important

    To the editor:

    This election is very important to all of us. Think about the candidates. I recently had an issue with the VA and asked for assistance from Congressman McIntyre’s local office; problem resolved in less than two weeks. Think. That takes experience and knowledge, no time for on-the-job training.

  • Vote for Miller

    To the editor:

    As you go to the polls, I ask you to mark your ballot for Charlie Miller, Board of Education, so he can make a mark in the education of the young people in Brunswick County.

  • Do we need another fire station?

    To the editor:

    Why do we need another firehouse? In Sunset Beach we presently have 12 full-time employees and part-time employees (salary range $35,000-$87,000) plus volunteers. Why spend our tax money when economic times are so uncertain?

    Why not allocate the money for the proposed park, to offset sewer fees for the residents or be used to fund curbside recycling?

    Why not place the bridge house on the side of town hall where a recycle bin is presently?