• Restore integrity

    To the editor: The incumbent running for one of the seats on the Carolina Shores Board of Commissioners, Gere Dale, has laid out his platform, and it basically consists of getting rid of Mayor Steve Selby.

    For many months now, Mr. Dale has misused so much of our town government’s resources in this quest. Does anyone know how much of our taxpayers’ money has been wasted on legal services to promote censure of Mayor Selby by the board of commissioners, as well as having the town attorney attend each board meeting?

  • Stop the intervention

    Much has been written and argued concerning terminal groin usage for North Carolina beaches. Will cooler heads prevail in getting terminal groins approved for use as controlled countermeasures to help save our beaches from the devastating erosion taking place?

    We own property at Ocean Isle Beach and enjoy the small-town feel, safety and quietness there. Similar experiences can be lived at many of the beach communities in the state. We love Ocean Isle and the other North Carolina beaches, but the conditions have changed. The economics have changed.

  • Get your facts straight

    To the editor: I write this letter to defend our fire department against the spurious innuendos by Richard Cerrato that the second fire station was an underhanded misuse of funds since the station would be for the benefit of residents of Ocean Ridge subdivision, who should not be the benefactors of our tax dollars.

    He suggested in bombastic fashion that he “held in his hand proof of this allegation.”

  • Wanted to hear from write-in candidate

    To the editor: What a shame we were not given the opportunity to meet Mary Knight, registered write-in [Calabash] commissioner candidate at Friday night’s forum sponsored by your paper.

    Mary comes with new solutions and new ideas to salvage the mess that the existing commissioners have left to the residents to clean up.

    Nance had his time on the board in the past, and the residents decided not to re-elect him.

  • Carolina Shores needs responsive government

    To the editor: Carolina Shores residents who have attended the monthly town hall meetings will understand when I say we need a responsive government. It is frustrating to attend these meetings and hear our local residents speak up and not be heard.

    The five commissioners were elected to help Carolina Shores develop into a community we all can be proud of and one that conducts business that is honest and has residents’ best interests in mind.

  • Best choice: council/manager

    To the editor: What the citizens of Carolina Shores should realize is by returning to the former form of government, it allows political factions to employ and inject their own policy and/or personnel into the operational aspect of the government, thus rewarding campaign backers in positions they may not be qualified for.

    Under N.C. statutes: In both forms of government (mayor/council or council/manager) the duty and ultimate authority does not change, the “governing body” sets procedures and policy.

  • Upset about claim against speaker

    To the editor: It was an embarrassment to me, being born and bred in Brunswick County, to have such a lie as was in Christy Judah’s letter appear in my hometown paper, preceding Cindy Sheehan’s arrival in our county.

    I can assure you, Cindy Sheehan would be the last person to disrespect a fallen military man and the last person to cause further grief to a fellow Gold Star mother. How ironic, if it is upon this lie Judah is staging her protest.

  • Vote on the issues this November

    To the editor: I read and hear the town of Sunset Beach council is considering funding a public boat ramp and park or both—among other expensive issues.

    Rather than discuss the questionable advantages of such undertakings, I would propose another perplexing problem. It seems several councilmen are willing to undertake this costly project “depending” on the availability of grant money from the state.

    This begs the question: “Whose money is this?” It is not free; rather it is the taxpayers’—yours and mine, if you will.

  • Will go to 'Peace' presentation

    To the editor: My husband and I will be attending the “Peace Mom and the Patriot” program at Odell Williamson Auditorium on Monday, Oct. 26.

    Two letters in the last issue of the Beacon take issue with the right of Cindy Sheehan and Lt. Col. Bob Bowman to speak out on the subject of peace and urging others to do so as well.

    Our freely elected government upholds the right to freedom of speech and the right to peaceful assembly, which this heartbroken but courageous woman and this former soldier have done and continue to do.

  • The devil and the details

    To the editor: Sensational captions get attention. The challenger for Sunset Beach mayor claims: “We need to override Mayor Klein’s and council’s decision not to have a 30-year sewer bond.”